Time Is Running Out For Kitty & Puppy Haven

puppyAn animal shelter in Johannesburg called Kitty & Puppy Haven is in dire need of all animal lovers’ help. A total of 170 cats and dogs need to be adopted before 31st January and 15th February before they are being put down.

Kitty & Puppy Haven is situated in Sandton and has taken in more than 11 000 neglected animals since their opening in 2000.

The Kitty & Puppy Haven property belongs to Samantha Berger and her husband, and although they own the property they have been issued with a court order to stop providing shelter for animals.

Currently the shelter has about 60 dogs and 110 cats that need a home urgently.  The dogs need to be gone by 31st of January and all the cats need to be off the premises by the 15th of February.

“We are pro-life and will only put an animal down as the very last outcome” says Berger. If there are any animals found on the premises after the deadlines, the municipality will take away these animals and they will most probably be put down.

The sad thing is that the premises aren’t closing, there are just no more animals allowed on the grounds.

If you have the need to adopt a pet or know of someone who would be willing to adopt a pet, please contact Kitty and Puppy Haven at 011 440 2404/9486 or drop them a mail at info@kittyhaven.co.za


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