The Top 5 4X4 Cars for Sale

South Africans have always had a long and extremely intimate love affair with big, off-road cars, and in an effort to help you find a new one, I have compiled a brief list of the best 4X4 cars for sale.

Cars-for-sale-durbanI spent quite a bit of time compiling this list and while you may not agree with all the cars found on it, I promise, it is as unbiased as it’s possible to get. With the exception of one of the cars, but seeing as it’s my list and I know quite a bit about the car in question, I don’t feel too bad.

And now, without any further ado, may I present the list of the best 4X4 cars for sale in South Africa.

1. The Range Rover

This car appears at the very top of the list because it has proven itself time and time again. There isn’t a single aspect that it doesn’t excel in and it doesn’t matter if it’s climbing a mountain, fording a river, sitting in the parking lot at the golf club or making the daily school run, it will always provide you with the best a car is supposed to offer. Personally, I would avoid the Sport and Evoque models for the more traditional version, but that’s just my personal opinion. As brilliant one as it is.

2. Toyota’s Land Cruiser Range

Now these cars are not only a personal favourite of mine, but of nearly every single person who has seen them and witnessed what they can do. The Land Cruiser range includes the likes of: the 200, 76, 78, 79 and the Prado. The 200 and the Prado are the top of the line models whereas the 76, 78 and the 79 are your more rough-and-ready type vehicles. Either way, each and every Landcruiser that leaves the factory will be nigh on indestructible. They will happily go through deserts, over mountains and across rivers. They are simply brilliant and if you want a car that looks good, will go anywhere you point it and never break down, the Landcruiser is for you.

3. Ford Ranger

No list of the best 4X4’s would be complete without the appearance of a bakkie. South Africa is one of the biggest markets for the bakkie and we have found endless uses for these versatile cars and as such, I felt obligated to place one on here. That being said, the Ford Ranger can more than hold its own amongst the list of heavyweights, especially considering the Ranger won top engine and top van for 2012 and the world’s best pickup award in 2013.

4. Jeep Wrangler

This 4X4 has made it onto my list purely because absolutely nothing else looks as good sitting on the beach, in the bush or on top a dune. The soft top is a world favourite and the newer, bigger 4 door versions are brilliant. Granted the engines may not be as powerful or as fuel efficient as they should be and there are a lot of cars that are much better off-road, but few can match the style and sheer joy that the Jeep brings to the lives of the many that own them.

5. Toyota FJ Cruiser

This is the car that was mentioned earlier, the one that many may disagree with, but the one that I simply adore. For me, there have been few cars made in recent years that look as exciting as this one does. It combines the masculinity of the hardcore off-roader with the style of a family wagon. It looks mean and if you kit it out with all the accessories, such as the roof rack, spotlights, bull bars, massive side skirts and huge wheels, it looks like it’ll be able to invade Poland. Its Toyota pedigree also means it will be incredibly reliable and well worth all the money you spend on it.

Go Out and Buy One

I hope that you agree with at least a few of the cars found on my list and that you might consider visiting a dealership and having a look at your favourite one. If you’re wondering where to find a selection of cars for sale in Durban, you can visit Junk Mail. We have a wide selection of cars to choose from, all of which can be found in the Cars for Sale section on our Website and weekly magazine.

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