Advantages to buying your car spares on Junk Mail

Whether you want to save a couple of bucks on your spares, servicing an old car, or looking for that specific part for your classic, buying used car spares has a range of advantages.


1. The price is right

We all know that when it comes to replacing parts on your car, your wallet gives a little moan of pain. When opting to buy used parts instead, you can sidestep the dealer and save quite a heap. Do note this does not necessarily ring true for the parts of classic or vintage cars – these parts are rarer and, because they are no longer being produced by the manufacturer, has a higher cost.


2. Finding spares are easier

The more popular your vehicle, the easier it is to find used parts. This of course also means that you will have a larger selection of suppliers, parts and prices to choose from.

You can also use online resources, like Junk Mail, to find parts and accessories for your vintage or classic vehicle. The moment a vehicle is no longer in production, the production of its spare parts will also stop, giving you no choice but to turn to used parts. This does however has its advantage – using the real deal will help you keep your classic model classic with authentic parts.


3. Tested parts

Many auto part dealers test the spares before they sell them, helping to add that little bit of assurance that your new part will work. Junk Mail features a selection of private sellers as well as businesses specialising in the sourcing and selling of parts – ideal for both seasoned part hunters and newbies.

What to be on the lookout for when buying car spares

1. Keep your manual handy

Before buying your spare parts, always make sure that it is the exact part you need. Sure, there are cases where a few modifications can turn it into the part you need, but this is not advised to a buyer that has a limited experience in parts and the modifications thereof.

Take a look at the specifications of spares and make sure that the one you want to buy meets all your specifications and requirements.


2. Research your parts

Because certain parts are unique to specific transmission and engine combinations, it is vital that you do the needed research of the part you require. Get the part number by contacting your local dealership and make sure that it matches with the part you are interested in buying.


3. Take a closer look

If you are not buying your spares from the vehicle manufacturer itself, it is always a good idea to give your part a close once-over. This can help you assess the wear and condition of the part, if it is the part you need and, in the case of classic car parts, if it is an authentic spare.


Looking for spares and accessories for sale? Junk Mail is the perfect place to start. With a large number of spare parts available online, you can find the part you need as well as compare prices. Selling your spares? Place your free ad on

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