Two great iPhone photo lens systems

One of the great things about the iPhone or any other modern smartphone is the fact that the cameras on these phones can take some decent quality pictures. Another great thing about that is that your phone is with you at all times, giving ample opportunity wherever you go to snap a few shots.

A new product on the iPhone market that is becoming ever more popular is lens extensions. Let’s have a look at two of the
most popular iPhone 4 of iPhone 4s extensions.

iPro Lens

The iPro Lens is by far the more expensive of the two. It costs around R1600. The hefty price tag might have something to do with the fact that the manufacturers, Schneider Optics, have been in the game since 1972. So you know you will be getting a quality product.

iPro Lens

The iPro comes with a wide-angle and a fisheye lens. The system comes with a special iPhone 4 of iPhone 4s cover so that the two lenses can be easily clipped onto the case. The case also features a grip so that you can mount the iPhone onto a tripod if you have shaky hands.

The wide-angle lens does as its name suggest perfectly. It does indeed give you a wider shot. A slight bit of distortion takes place, but it is nothing to serious. The fisheye lens also takes clear pictures and the contrast was great.

Both of the iPro lenses can be used to take great wide-angle lens of fisheye lens video. The handle on the iPro case helps more than you think it would, making you iPhone feel safe and secure.


The Olloclip lens system is far cheaper than the iPro. The price of the Olloclip is around R810 almost half of the iPro lens. Unlike the iPro the Olloclip does not require a special case. The Olloclip lenses simply slip onto the corner or you iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. This makes it even easier and quicker to use out of the box.

The Olloclip comes standard with a wide-angle, fisheye and a macro lens. The macro lens is great at taking lose up shots of objects. Both the wide-angle and fisheye lenses preformed great, unfortunately the distortion is a bit more evident with the Olloclip. Also the colours are not as sharp as the iPro colours were.


The macro feature is a great addition to the Olloclip system though. It takes patience to get the perfect focus up close but it looks great when you are done.

So which one should you buy? The simple answer is that you should go with what your bank account allows. The iPro is slightly better but the Olloclip has the macro lens that I can see myself using a lot. But either one of these are great additions to the iPhone camera for anyone that like taking pictures with their iPhone.

Henno Kruger

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