VR Headsets – The VR Box and Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality is innovative technology that improves your viewing experience. With a VR headset you can literally feel as though you are sitting in a spaceship while you are in fact sitting in your lounge. The technology is still relatively at its infancy stage, however it is highly immersive and very addictive. Once you go VR you may never want anything else. Do yourself a favour, create an unforgettable experience and find a VR headset on Junk Mail.

A quick look at what VR is

VR headsets project certain imaging in front of your eyes. The imaging displayed depends on the movie or film you have playing on your smartphone or device. VR headsets comes in three forms; there is the PC based headset such as the Oculus Rift, the console based headset that relies on a gaming console to power its imaging ability, such as the PlayStation VR, and the smartphone based headset. A good example of the smartphone based headset is the VR Box.

woman using a vr headset

Apart from Google Cardboard and VR Box, discussed in more detail below, you also have the option of Gear VR. If you would like to learn more about these Samsung VR headsets, be sure to read “Virtual Reality: Live in a world of your imagination” on the Junk Mail Blog.

The VR Box

The VR Box is quite an affordable headset and comes built with a slick, simplistic design and is available in black and white. This device also comes built with a removable panel on its front that allows you to use your smartphone’s camera while still using the headset.

This is quite an interesting feature of this VR headset, however you will probably have a hard time finding an app that actually lets you use your camera while using your VR headgear which means that in all likelihood you will not be using this feature much.

the vr box

You will also find that the VR Box comes with an optical adjuster. This is a pretty handy feature as it lets you have more control of your headset’s optical lens. With this optical adjuster you can move each of your lenses individually either forwards, backwards or sideways. This gives you more optimal focus while watching videos.

Gamers will be excited to know that with the VR Box 2.0 you can get a few VR Box games that are quite interesting. A few of these games include:

  • Galaxy VR – a game where you control a fighter ship in space and shoot down alien ships
  • Star VR Racer – an interesting racing game
  • Deep Space VR – where you control a space gun and shoot things down

Do not expect too much from these games, because as mentioned before, this technology is still at its infancy stage and there is a lot of development that needs to be done before the technology fully matures. The VR Box games industry is set to grow however.

From a comfort and performance perspective, the VR Box 2.0 packs a punch. The lenses are about 40 mm in diameter giving this box a decent size. Once you adjust the lenses to the right viewing setting you eliminate any possible double imaging that will make you feel as though you are cross eyed.

vr box headset

Looking at this VR headset you would immediately assume that it is very uncomfortable to wear, however this is not the case. This headset comes built with soft padding around its borders allowing for a more comfortable wearing experience. You will however start to feel a little uncomfortable if you wear the headset for a long period of time.

As the VR headset price has continued to drop, so has the VR Box 2.0’s price. You can find one of these headsets for around R290.

VR from Google Cardboard

If you are looking for the most cost effective VR experience on the market, then Google Cardboard is for you. With this VR headset you have the option to either build your own using cheap components and the specifications set out on the Google VR official site or you can purchase an already built headset.

This headset is built mostly from cardboard and helps keep the VR headset price as low as possible. If you would like to buy an already built headset you can find the Google VR for as low as R80.

cardboard google vr

Image Source: Google VR Website.

Do not be fooled by these low prices, once you have bought or built your own Google Cardboard you can start looking for compatible VR apps to fully enjoy your VR experience on your new found device. You can find apps such as:

  • Cardboard Camera – this app lets you capture your own VR photos
  • YouTube – with the YouTube app for VR you can enjoy certain videos in VR, creating an amazing watching experience
  • Proton Pulse – this app lets you direct an energy ball through a virtual world

There are a few other apps you will find for your Google Cardboard. The great thing with this Cardboard is that since it is a Google product you will find quite a number of compatible apps on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.

From a performance perspective, expect an average VR experience. The Google VR has been built to be as affordable as possible. It is used as introduction to VR Headsets. You will find however that it does perform relatively well and will give you a decent VR experience.

google cardboard for sale

Image Source: Google VR Website.

You will not need to dig too deep into your pockets when acquiring VR Headsets. They are decently priced for the experience they offer and a lot of apps are accommodating this relatively new tech.

If you are excited about the future of VR, why not find your very own VR headset on Junk Mail? With great options to choose from, you are sure to discover the epicness that is Virtual Reality in no time.

VR Headsets – The VR Box and Google Cardboard
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VR Headsets – The VR Box and Google Cardboard
With a VR headset you can literally feel as though you are sitting in a spaceship while you are in fact sitting in your lounge.
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