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Do you want to get MORE exposure and MORE responses for your adverts on Junk Mail?

Then upload a photo when you place your free ad.

Upload pics to your free ad

It is a fact that ads with photos do better as they catch the eye of potential buyers quickly. So, if you are looking to sell fast, add a photo.  Here are a few tips when it comes to your ad and uploading photos:

  1. Take a photo of the actually item. Don’t use an image you downloaded off Google. Buyers are not stupid and will ignore ads that seem fake or like a scam. Be authentic.
  2. Ensure that your photo is of high quality and displays the item well. Crop, rotate and edit it as necessary. There are a lot of photo editor apps available these days to help edit your photos.
  3. Upload more than one photo if possible for even more exposure. The more photos an ad has, the more authentic an ad looks and the more informed decision a potential buyer can make about purchasing your item.

You can also do it on the fly with your mobile phone. Placing an ad with a mobile phone is even easier, as you just snap a photo, and upload to Junk Mail, all from the same device, whenever, whenever, using our mobile site or Android app.

So, place your free ads with photos today, and get some cash in your pocket fast!

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