Watch Out For False Competition Scams

A new scam has stuck out its ugly head. False Competition scams like these have been making their appearance online in recent times.

How it Works? Someone replies to an advertiser and informs them that “they’ve won a competition” and that they should “contact their claim manager”. This is fraudulent in 99% of cases. The person is actually phishing to get personal details from advertisers.

A False Competition scam on was reported to Junk Mail in the last week. The e-mail address being used in this case is

Please note that this is not an e-mail address being used by a Junk Mail employee. If someone from Junk Mail contacts you it will be from an e-mail address on the “” domain.

Junk Mail is NOT running this competition.

This is a copy of the response that is being sent to our users by Andree Pieterson (who is not an employee at our company)

“All winners of this 2011 junkmail online and cell phone sim card network program must complete and return the attached claim form with certified copy of South African bar coded identity documents or international passport copies and non certified original copy of proof rental or water & electricity payment not older than three months and two size passport photographs.

The reason for these requirements is to insure that the rightful winners get his/her fund/car and to enable our management verify the authentication of identity document and rightful winners car delivery addresses.

To accomplish this, management of juckmail requires that all claimants should return the claim form with advance refundable deposit of R1, 500.00 which will be refunded to the winner as soon as documents verification and information process is completed.

Winner is advised to deposit there refundable deposit to: ACCOUNT:XX .ACCOUNT NO: XXXXXXXXX BRANCH CODE: XXXXXX POSTBANK LIMITED

Winners should use the same cell phone sim card number as deposit reference number and fax or attach to our email

The refundable payment slips across to junkmail management as proof of refundable deposit.

Management will commence processing as soon as the winner claimant form/documents/refundable bank payment slip is received.

Verification of documents will take two working days and deposit of winner’s funds and delivery of his/her car will take immediate affect to accounts/residential addresses provided

Note: any fraudulent documents or false information provided by the winner to the junk mail management will loose his/her refundable deposit and junkmail management will use it to defray cost of documents processing of the fraudulent winners.

Do contact us as soon as you receive this form and information.


Mr. Andree Pieterson

Junkmail Management”

Remember: Be Smart! Be Savvy! Be Safe! If something sounds to good to be true, there is a huge chance that its false.

Should you encounter this scam or another scam of this kind, please report it to us via e-mail to or via phone on 012-3423840 x2295.

There are various warnings posted for scams on the Junk Mail Website under the Avoid Scams section and on the Junk Mail blog under the Safety & Security section. Check them out for more information about the kinds of scams that are out there.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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