Wedding Décor Ideas: Create an unforgettable day

Planning your wedding day is both an exciting and daunting experience. The variety of wedding décor ideas available online makes it easy to create a unforgettable event. The first step to creating a memorable occasion is to browse through wedding décor pictures online. Once you have an overview of what is available you can start choosing decorations that suit your personal style.


Adding drapes to the ceiling of your venue can create a stunning effect. Bright colours create a vibrant atmosphere while subtle colours produce a more sophisticated ambiance. Lighter colours make the room seem larger while darker colours decrease the apparent size of the room. Pillows can add a personal touch if you have a lounge area at your venue. Pillows will help to create a cosy and comfortable place for your guests to relax. If you choose pillows that match your colour scheme, it will help to create a harmonious feel when guests walk from room to room.

A creative seating board can create a great effect as your guests arrive to the reception area. Adding photographs to the board will add a personal touch. Make sure that the seating arrangements are written clearly so that it is easy for guests to decipher where they will be sitting. There are plenty of lighting ideas that will create a romantic atmosphere on your special day. Table lamps and fairy lights are both popular choices. Paper lanterns can also create an impressive effect.


Table runners are an inexpensive way to add colour and character to your tables. A combination of bright table runners and flowers creates a stunning effect. Your choice of fabric is also important and chiffon is a suitable material for table runners.

There are plenty of decorations for hire on Junk Mail. Décor include candelabras, glass vases and red carpets. With a wide variety of decorations to choose from, you can make your wedding day unforgettable.


Affordable draping is available on Junk Mail. Strips of fabric will create a sophisticated ambiance at any wedding venue.


You can find wedding décor for sale on Junk Mail at a reasonable price. Cylinders, candleholders and mosaic hearts are among the wedding décor for sale. Other options are wooden menus, table numbers and sherry stands.


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