Wet Nose Fundraiser Success

Wet Nose hosts a Fun Day to gather funds, donations and sponsors to help all the animals they are taking care of which includes, dogs, cats, and horses, even doggie amputees!

This year the Fundraiser was held on Spring Day at their premises with entertainment for the whole family.

Crowds gathered and brought numerous bags of cat and dog food while the queue to take a shelter doggy for a walk kept on growing!  We even had to move to the other kennels because at the first line the doggies ran out- which means EVERY doggy got a walk and some play time!

Junk Mail assembled a team that went to represent us on the day and to hand over the donations we gathered as well as the good news that we will also be sponsoring a kennel for a year!

We took a Wet Nose doggy named Seth [an energetic one] for the 1.2km walk or ‘jog‘ should I rather say and had heaps of fun, I got a really slobby kiss and for a moment the best feeling in the world, until I had to return him. Tears followed and didn’t easily stop!

One thing is for sure; all the Wet Nose animals are well looked after and get everything that they need all thanks to kind hearted people!

Thanks so much to each and every one of you who made a donation or who was there on the day.

The day was a huge success, Wet Nose made R70 000 profit, 12 animals found their forever homes on the day, and 3 are booked! A total of 30 new people signed up to sponsor kennels and a lot more enquired about the sponsorships!

Every person that had or have part in this, no matter how big or small; you have restored my faith in humanity!

Keep on keepin’ on with the good work!

If you would like to find out more about Wet Nose or do your part in saving a soul please check out their Facebook page for any other information.

Adeline Vorster

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