Why a Toyota Hilux is a good buy

If you are an off-road enthusiast the Toyota Hilux is the vehicle for you! This powerful 4×4 is the perfect choice if you want to explore South Africa’s breath-taking scenery and wide-open landscapes. Test your skills on trails that traverse through rugged mountains, deep ditches, waterways and soaring dunes. Our country’s challenging terrain is an adventurer’s playground and we recommend tours through the Kruger National Park and Lesotho. A Toyota Hilux is also a good choice for people who require transport for heavy goods.


About the Toyota Hilux :

The Toyota Hilux boasts rugged good looks and practical accessories. This vehicle is well known for its reliability and second hand bakkies make owning your own vehicle more affordable. This durable 4×4 is the perfect weekday workhorse but safety features and comfortable accessories make it suitable for family transportation on weekends. Safety features include seatbelt lights, extra padding and improvements to the stability control.


The Toyota Hilux is a leading seller on the international market and the vehicle has been upgraded four times in eight years. The 2014 model has a 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine and 126 KW. It is fitted with a rear view camera, navigation system and six airbags. Changes to the design include a restyled nose and tail-lights. The resale value of the Toyota Hilux is good, making it a smart purchase for first time bakkie owners.



Toyota Hilux owners can add a variety of accessories to their vehicle in accordance with their personal needs. Toyota accessories comply with high quality standards and each item is carefully tested. The accessories are designed with the specifications of each vehicle in mind and legal requirements are considered during this process. Air conditioning is an important feature as it adds to the safety and comfort of passengers. Canopies, which are made from lightweight fibreglass, are another useful accessory manufactured by Toyota. The canopy is white but it can be ordered in a different colour for a fee. Fog lights increase the driver’s safety during adverse weather conditions and ultrasonic sensors with an electronic speed switch are also available for the Toyota Hilux.

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