10 Reasons why you should be investing in vacant land

Are you looking for a great investment opportunity? There are plenty of reasons to consider finding vacant property for sale. Empty plots are often overlooked as investment opportunities. With land for sale in Durban, there are a variety of opportunities for prospective buyers.


Here are ten reasons why you should be investing in vacant land:

1. Buying vacant land is an underrated investment opportunity

With misperceptions that investing in vacant land is not profitable, many people miss the opportunity to purchase valuable plots. If you know what to look for, you can find great opportunities which other investors have missed.


2. Empty plots are a simple and stable investment

Buying the right property is a simple way to invest your money without the hassles of dealing with tenants. Other real estate purchases come with more complications and challenges.


3. You don’t need to spend money on renovations

If you buy vacant land, you will be saved the hassle of carrying out renovations and construction work. Once you make sure that the property is suitable for future owners to develop, you don’t need to have knowledge about building work.


4. It is less time consuming

Real estate investments often come with tenants and other maintenance work. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with unpaid rent and plumbing issues by purchasing vacant land.


5. The owners of empty plots are more likely to sell

As the owners of the property for sale are not living on the land, they are more likely to sell. Many owners don’t manage their investment properly which means that it is less profitable for them and they are more inclined to sell.


6. Less competition

Finding a great real estate deal is tough as there are plenty of other people who are looking for similar opportunities. As land investment is a lesser known opportunity, there is more of a chance that you will secure a bargain.


7. You can avoid borrowing from financial institutes

If you know how to maximise on your investment, you can start off buying affordable land which you don’t need a loan for. Once you are earning money from your investment by perhaps renting it out, you can buy more land.


8. The inspection process is less complicated

As there are no buildings to evaluate, it is easier to determine whether the property for sale is a good buy. If you know how to research a property thoroughly, then you can make virtual purchases.


9.  Owning land is an affordable long-term investment

There are less costs involved with buying land. If you find a bargain, you can avoid the expense of paying a mortgage every month. Monthly expenses for developed land are higher than for vacant plots.


10. Less stress

Without tenants, owning vacant land is less stressful than renting out a house. Without structures it is less likely that your property will depreciate or be damaged. You also won’t have to worry about theft.


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