3 Awesome Gadgets at CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas last week. Most of the world’s tech giants showcased their products to consumers at CES 2013. CES was first held in 1967 and has grown in popularity over the years. It’s now estimated that 140,000 people make their way to the show annually.

CES 2013 had it’s fair share of gadgets. Besides the Samsung Ultra HDTV’s (which was featured on this blog last week), there were also cool products from Sony, Huawei, Phillips, Panasonic and other electronics manufacturers. Today I’m showcasing 3 Awesome Gadgets at CES 2013. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find that technology is not slowing down this year.

Sony Xperia Z Waterproof Phone: Before you say anything, wipe your eyes again, because it’s true. The Sony Xperia Z can be completely submerged in water of up to 1 meter deep for half an hour. To prove it, the guys from Sony submerged it in water in their demos at CES 2013.

Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z is good news for gamers. Now you continue playing your game or watch videos on your phone while your in the bath. Besides being waterproof, the Sony Xperia Z has a 5 inch 1080p HD display and a 13 megapixel camera. The Sony Xperia Z also received the best smartphone award at CES 2013.

Check out this video featuring the Sony Xperia Z below

Dhama Pursuit business shirt: So you’re at the office, and you putting on your jersey, because you’re cold. But ten minutes later, you’re warm again, and you take it off. Well, pack away those jerseys office workers! The Dharma Pursuit business shirt is the solution to your problem!

With this shirt, you can stay cool, or warm, or just right. The Dhama’s Pursuit business shirt has built-in heating and cooling from 22 to 50 degrees Celcius. I suppose the heating function could come in really handy if you live in Russia or Alaska during the winter months. This gadgets is one of those items that makes me ask the question, “What will they think of next?”.

Dhama Pursuit business shirt

The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Goggles: Many of reporters who were at CES 2013 this year are claiming that this is going to be the next big thing in gaming. I tend to agree with them. This gadget is basically what anyone who has ever wanted their own Star Trek or Lawnmower Man style Holodeck has been waiting for.

Oculus Rift VR

The unit has been created for public consumption by Kickstarter (a fairly unknown company). The virtual reality experience that is delivered by the Oculus Rift’s head-mounted display is pretty awesome (according to many of the reporters at CES 2013). With the use of this virtual reality headset, gamers will now be able to experience video games in a much deeper form of immersion. They’re already talking about support for games like Skyrim and Left 4 Dead.

Check out this video below which explains how the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Goggles work:

Which one of these CES 2013 gadgets is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us what you think of the Sony Xperia Z, the Dhama Pursuit business shirt and the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here!

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