4 Rare Collector’s Items on Junk Mail

If you’re a collector you’ve come to the right place: Junk Mail has plenty of adverts for collector’s items and today I’m focusing on 4 rare collector’s items that are currently listed. I’m pretty sure that some of you reading this want to buy at least one of these. All of them are reasonably priced after all.

#4 Large Puppet / Marionette for sale – R800

This item is quite rare. You don’t see to many of these around nowadays. It’s old man / wizard with a large beard and it’s in very good condition. The puppet is about 1 meter long. If you’re an aspiring puppeteer it may be just what you need to contribute to an art form that has been around more than 4,000 years. The advertiser is located in Cape Town.

Large Puppet for sale

#3 Handheld Fire Extinguisher for sale – R500

This is an antique from the 1960’s. It was made by Gacos. It’s a complete unit with its holding bracket. Modern fire extinguishers have been around since 1818 but this is a very rare find. They don’t make fire extinguishers like these anymore. The advertiser is located in Pretoria in the Moot region.

Antique Fire Extinguisher for sale

#2 Haninmex Slide Projector for sale – R400

Many of you reading this article will be familiar with slides and the fond memories associated with them. Sadly getting parts for slide projectors is getting trickier by the day. If you have slides but you don’t have a projector this could be what you’ve been looking for. This advertiser in Johannesburg is selling this Rodette 1500A for a bargain price.

Slide Projector for sale

#1 Antique Camera for sale – R250

This advertiser is also located in Johannesburg. This Kodak Six-16 Brownie Junior Camera is in good condition. The first model of this box-roll film camera was introduced in 1934 so this is a rare find indeed. This is the perfect gift for a photography enthusiast.

Antique Camera for sale

There you have it! 4 Rare Collector’s Items on Junk Mail! If you have a friend who may be looking for one of these items, feel free share this article with them on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is caring after all.

If you need to sell any of your own collector’s items, feel free to place a free advert on Junk Mail. You might sell it before it really gets old and stops working.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Fun Corner category on the Junk Mail Blog.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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