Make your own Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorationsChristmas is a time of giving and in this fast-paced world what better way to give than to spend time with loved ones to make your own Christmas tree decorations?

Here are a few easy ideas to spend time with your loved ones and saving money in one go! With a little patience and a lot of laughter, your home-made ornaments will give your tree the best look…

  1. Make salt-dough ornaments to hang off the tree!
  2. Make ornaments for your tree from cookie cutters! Put a photo of loved ones inside, tie a cord and you have the most beautiful hand-made and personalised ornaments on your tree!
  3. Make paper diamond ornaments in your favourite colour!
  4. Make tree ornaments by glueing beautiful buttons onto polystyrene balls!
  5. ‘Upcycle’ paint colour cards into delightful Christmas decorations!
  6. Go creative-extreme and make your own imaginative felt ornaments!
  7. Make tiny gift boxes, wrap them and hang them for special tree ornaments!
  8. Bake mini-cupcakes and hang them from the tree for a delectable Christmas tree decoration!
  9. Non-edible cinnamon ornaments will have your whole house smelling like ginger bread cookies!
  10. Recycle old bottle caps by making reindeer faces to hang on your tree!

Remember the most important part of making decorations is to have fun! Watch the delight on children’s faces when making these ornaments and decorating the tree.

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Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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