The 5 five-minute tips on how to de-clutter your flat

The idea of living in a small, simple and uncluttered flat has become so attractive to many people. It has become one of the benefits to having your own place; where you can spend less time cleaning, organizing and stressing.

When your place is filled with clutter you begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious and defeated at the idea of inviting your friends over. But you do not have to feel this way anymore. De-cluttering your flat is pretty much a fun thing to do and does not have to be a painful process.

Consider this list of 5 ways to de-clutter your flat: (five minutes for each step)

1. Try find out why and how the clutter is created. Is it your credit card mail, supermarket advertisement or work papers?

It might be because you collect the papers and then place them in different spots at your flat, not only making the process exhausting, but also causes an increase in clutter. Stop!

You can designate an inbox tray or select one area in your flat and use that area as the spot for your bills, work papers and mails section. This little change can transform your flat from a paper factory to a home.


2. For some people, the clutter is caused by the most simplest of things, like medicine. If you do not have medicine cabinet, create or buy one and learn to keep the medicine cabinet clean.

But even if you do have a medicine cabinet do not keep medicine that has expired. Simplify the essential things, expired medicine can be very harmful and a waste of space.


3. Create boxes for things you want to keep and things you want to give away. Sometimes, people are so caught up in life that the things they wanted to giveaway become the ‘maybe I will need them’ things.

Create the boxes, so you can differentiate what you want to keep and the things you don’t want. After differentiating, decide whether you want to give them away or just throw the stuff away.

4. Give to charity. When you realise that there are some stuff that someone can still use, donate the stuff to charity. There are always people who can use shoes, clothes or even a blanket.

So you will be de-cluttering your flat as well as lending a helping hand.


5. Once you have de-cluttered your flat by organizing, donating or trashing, you can learn to love the look of an uncluttered place. Take a moment to enjoy the lovely look and tell yourself that ‘I can make this the standard’.


And the next time you see clutter begin to crop up, stop it before it becomes a mountain and make use of the methods mentioned above.

If you stay with your roommate, the same rules still apply. Sometimes clutter isn’t just caused by you, but also the people you live with. Try working together and your place might go back to being spacious.

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