5 Fun DIY welding projects for beginners

Are you looking for DIY projects? The first step is to find the right tools for sale. Once you have the necessary welding machines and equipment, you can start your project. Depending on the project you are doing, a Tig welder, inverter welder or Mig welder may come in handy. You can buy or sell tools on Junk Mail. Here are five fun and creative welding projects that beginner welders can undertake at home:


Welding Table

Old-Welding-TableIf you plan to get involved in welding projects, having your own welding table is a great idea. Why not build your own table? Not only will this project test your welding skills, it will also be helpful for your future endeavours. The table has a big surface area and it offers plenty of space for your welder and other tools. The table’s simple design makes it a suitable starter project for beginners. Once you have found a welding machine for sale, you can get started on your project.

Firstly you will need to make corner notches. Next bend and weld your angel iron into a rectangle. Cut the angel iron into 28 sections that are 2.5 cm long. Weld each section into the interior of the top of your rectangular frame. These sections will support the top bars which you need to cut and add to the frame. Brace the legs of the welding table using 30 cm of the angle iron. Next weld steel sheeting to safeguard your legs when you are welding. For extra convenience weld rod, flux and chipping hammer holders onto the table.


Workshop Shelving

Making workshop shelving is a simple project that has a practical application and can help you better your skills when it comes to using welding machines. Shelving will help you to organise your tools which is the first step to completing projects successfully. Not only will your project space look neat, it will also save you time looking for the required tools before you start.

To make workshop shelving you will need steel sheeting as well as angle. Measure the size that you want the shelf to be and then cut the steel sheeting accordingly. After you have cut the shelf size, measure half its width and bend it at a ninety degree angle. The next step is to make brackets that will secure the shelf onto the wall. Mark forty five degrees at the edge of each angle and cut them accordingly. Use a drill to make holes in the bracket where they will be fixed onto the wall. The final step is to weld the brackets onto the steel sheeting. Your shelves will then be ready to screw onto the wall.


Workshop Bench

Another handy item to help make using your Mig and Tig welder easier is a workshop bench. This project requires steel sheeting and a 50 mm x 50 mm box section. Divide the box section into three segments which match the dimensions of the bench that you want to make. The size of the bench will depend on the space that is available in your workshop as well as your individual requirements. These three segments will determine the length of your bench. Next, cut the box section into pieces that match the width of the bench. In addition to these sections you will require four sections to make the legs. Weld together the length and width segments to make a rectangular shape. Next weld the four leg pieces onto the structure. It is important to make sure that the legs are all exactly the same sizes. The two left over width segments can be welded onto the legs to provide additional support. Weld the left over box section to the lower part of the legs.

Workshop Bench

Wood Rack

Build yourself a wood rack for the back of your bakkie. The first step is to measure the area to determine the dimensions of the rack. Next build a box shape and weld on support legs that fit into the back of your vehicle. The rack is great for transporting wood for carpentry projects.


Metal Art

If you are the creative type, you can create art from metal using your welding machines. Using your welding skills you can choose different metals such as brass and iron to create eye-catching designs. The first step in creating a unique project is to come up with an original idea. Once you have a vision of what you want to make, you can start choosing the right metal.


Now that you have five simple projects to try out, you can test your welding skills and find affordable tools for sale online. Once you have developed your capabilities, you can move on to more difficult projects. Consider buying a Tig welder or finding a Mig welder for sale by browsing www.JunkMail.co.za. Selling your tools? Place your FREE ad on Junk Mail now!

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    I like that Earth Globe – I think it will look awesome when it’s done. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the workshop bench. I made one a few years back, but I did it using arc welding. I don’t know much about MIG or TIG welding, just that they have a greater degree of difficulty.

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