Install a Solar Geyser and save on energy

Power cuts and outages continue to plague South Africa. Electricity affect so many aspects of our lives that one cannot afford to be left in the dark. One way to combat this issue is to find a solar geyser for sale and install it in your home. As nearly 40 percent of your electricity bill can be attributed to water heating, a low cost geyser is an essential item to have in our power hungry nation.


When it comes to saving electricity, South Africa has a multitude of options to choose from. One thing we have in abundance in this country is sunlight – it’s clean, renewable and, best of all, a free resource. There is no pollution or damage to the environment and the systems will substantially reduce our reliance on our power supplier Eskom. We will explain what solar geysers are, how they work and why they are better to use than a regular geyser.


How does a geyser work?

Normal geysers work by using a heating element that sits in a body of water. This element heats up the water and keeps it at a high temperature. When you turn on the hot tap… this heated water comes out. In terms of normal geysers, you can find either an electric or a gas geyser for sale. Solar geysers work by substituting the electrical or gas geysers’ heating element with one that is powered by a solar panel. These panels sit in highly sunlit areas such a rooftop and they convert cold water into hot water using the sun’s radiation. If there is not enough sunlight, then the regular (gas or electrical) heating process kicks back in.

How do solar geysers work?

Solar geysers work with natural convection. Natural convection is something that happens when water is heated up. These geysers have solar panels with water running through them. The warm water rises when it is heated by the sun and the heated water becomes lighter. It moves naturally to the storage tank where it is stored for further use. The cold water then takes the place of the hot water in the heating panels and the process starts all over again.


Why is a solar geyser better than a regular geyser?

The main reason why you would get a solar geyser is that the energy being used to heat the system is free and renewable. You don’t have to pay to use the sun. Even on cold or overcast days, there is more than enough sunlight to heat up your house’s water. This will reduce your power usage, save you money and lower your house’s dependency on fossil fuels. If you lie in a rural area (which a lot of South Africans do) then this system can heat water even if there is no electricity connection available.


Installation and maintenance

One of the main drawbacks to installing a solar geyser for sale is the high costs of the initial installation. A solar geyser could cost someone anything from R6 000 to R36 000 to install the system. To take the burden off of Eskom’s already dwindling power supply, they now offer a solar geysers installer a rebate on all approved solar systems. Eskom will pay you back a portion of the geyser purchase and installation costs. If you take this, and the fact that you will be saving a lot of money on power bills, into account, then solar geysers are a very clever financial decision to make. Take a look at the saving you will make here.


Maintenance on these systems is also in-expensive. Under normal circumstances no maintenance of the geyser system is required. You might want to clean the tanks out and check that all the valves are in proper working condition, from time to time, but this can also be handled by the company who installed the geyser. Most of these companies offer a yearly maintenance plan for a nominal fee.


If we have convinced you that finding a solar geyser for sale is the right way to go, then is the place to start. We have a wide range of solar geysers available, you are sure to find a high quality solution online. Do you have geysers for sale? Place your free ad on Junk Mail today!

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