5 mistakes to avoid when installing baby car seats

Car crashes are one of the main causes of death and injury in children and finding quality car seats for sale should be on the top of your list if you have a little one. Using baby car seats for your children will help to significantly reduce the risk of serious injury if a car crash should occur.

If you are thinking of finding used baby car seats for sale, make sure that you check the item’s history and don’t buy car seats that has been in a car accident. You should also make sure that the car seat has no missing parts.

install a baby car seat

Once you have found a good quality car seat for your baby, the next step is to correctly install it. While choosing the right baby car seats are important, you will also need to install the seat correctly to ensure that your baby is properly protected.

Take a look at 5 common mistakes that parents make when installing car seats for their kids.

1. Incorrect placement of seat

A common error is to place the car seat in the incorrect place. The spot in your car that offers the most protection is in the rear seat.

You should also avoid placing seats by active airbags because if the airbag is activated it could cause harm to your child. Be sure to place the car seat a safe distance away from airbags to help protect your child if a collision occurs.

2. Failing to read the instructions

Remember that all car seats for sale come with a set of important instructions. To ensure that the car seat is properly installed it is advisable to read the instructions which are provided by the manufacturer. Should your car seat not come with instructions, you can always find the instructions through a Google search.

You should also read the guidelines for car seats in your car’s instruction manual. While there are general guidelines for the installation of the seat, it is important to review the information that is specific to the vehicle and car seat that you own.

3. The use of bulky clothes

In cold weather you may think it is best to dress your baby in bulky layers of clothes when you are traveling in the car. While this may seem like a good idea, it is advisable to avoid bulky clothing when your baby is in a car seat.

It is better to keep your baby warm by dressing them in a lightweight jersey and hat. Once they are securely buckled in their car seat you can use a baby blanket for extra warmth.

4. Incorrectly securing baby car seats

A car seat that is buckled too loosely or tightly can make your baby feel uncomfortable as well as put them in danger. There should be a maximum of 2.5 cm of movement when you hold the bottom close to the attachment points.

baby car seats

Baby car seats should be buckled up according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When you buckle your baby into the car seat make sure that your baby is comfortable and that none of the straps are twisted or too tight which might cause choking.

5. Incorrect angle

It is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when determining the angle of the car seat. Make sure that the angle of the seat doesn’t cause your baby’s head to flop forward.

A seat with an angle indicator can help to ensure that the car seat has been positioned correctly. Rolled baby blankets can be used for better comfort and positioning, but keep in mind that it is important not to use additional products that haven’t been approved for safe usage in car seats.

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Some of the top Baby Car Seats for sale

Take a look at some of the good quality, branded car seats for sale that are currently on the market in South Africa.

Nania Baby Ride Rock

The Nania Baby Ride Rock seats are priced at R699. These baby car seats for sale are suitable for new-borns and infants, accommodating up to 13kgs.

Chelino Car Seats

You can find Chelino car seats for R799.90. Features of these seats include sun canopies and head support pillows. The seat is lightweight and it has an easy grip handle which makes it convenient to transport.

Chicco Car Seats

Chicco car seats are available for R2641.80. The Chicco Autofix Fast car seat is convenient to install and remove. It can accommodate up to 13kgs. It is designed to offer your infant maximum protection.

car seat frombambino

Image Source: Toys R Us Website.

Bambino car seats

Bambino car seats are available for R1299.90. Features of the express model include a 5-point safety harness as well as 3-position recline. It also has side impact protection.

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5 mistakes to avoid when installing baby car seats
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5 mistakes to avoid when installing baby car seats
Using baby car seats for your children will help to significantly reduce the risk of serious injury if a car crash should occur.
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