8 important questions to ask before hiring a mechanic

Do you need to have your car fixed or serviced? It’s most definitely time to find the right mechanic on Junk Mail! You need to find a car mechanic who is skilled, honest and reliable. It is important to know what to look out for when you are choosing someone to do your car service and repairs.

Take a look at 8 important questions that you need to ask before hiring a professional.


1. What certifications does the mechanic have?

When you are choosing a mechanic on Junk Mail or any other platform, check that the person has adequate training in auto repair. Typically their certificate showing their training will be displayed in the reception of the car service centre.

Make sure that they have a nationally accepted accreditation before trusting them with your vehicle. Certifications from well-known training institutes are best.

2. What do the mechanic’s customer reviews say?

When you are assessing the professional to do your car repair and services, it is advisable to check reviews from their previous customers. This is a good way to determine whether he or she is competent and trustworthy.

If other customers have been cheated, there may be evidence of this in their reviews. Repeat customers are another sign of both the mechanic’s reliability and skills. Getting recommendations from friends and other members of your community is a good start to finding the right car service and repair professional.

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3. How much will the repair work cost?

When it comes to auto repair, the cheapest prices aren’t necessarily best. That being said, high prices don’t necessarily mean that you will be getting better service. It is advisable to take a look at the mechanic’s prices and assess whether the expense is worth the service that you will be getting.

While you don’t want to spend a fortune on at a car service centre, it is not a good idea to choose the cheapest option either. The price that you are willing to pay will also depend on your budget.

4. Does the mechanic offer a warranty?

Inquire at the service centre about warranties for parts and labour. Reputable centres will often offer a warranty for the repair work. These warranties differ between centres and may be valid for one to three months while other centres don’t offer any warranty.

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5. Where is the mechanic located?

When you are choosing a mechanic on Junk Mail, convenience is an important factor to consider. If the car service centre is situated far away from your neighbourhood it can cause additional stress getting your car to them.

If your car needs to be repaired and can’t be driven far distances then it is also necessary to have a professional and service centre located close by.

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6. Is the mechanic friendly?

A friendly professional goes a long way in making a car service or repair less stressful. A car mechanic that explains what the problems with your car are, helps to put your mind at ease when trusting them with your vehicle.

7. Does my vehicle need a new cambelt?

To avoid expensive repair work it is important to replace the vehicle’s cambelt at the intervals which are recommended by the manufacturer. Ask your mechanic to check your vehicle’s service book in order to determine when the cambelt was last replaced.

If your cambelt breaks, the damage that is caused will be expensive to repair and it is therefore crucial to make sure that you replace the cambelt when necessary.

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8. Does my vehicle need new brake fluid?

Another important preventative measure in terms of car repair is to replace your vehicle’s brake fluid at specified intervals. The radiator coolant should also be changed at the stipulated intervals. Ask the service centre to check your vehicle’s service book and replace the brake fluid and radiator coolant if necessary.

If you own a vehicle, you will need to look for a reliable car service centre. Whether you are carrying out maintenance work so that your vehicle runs safely and smoothly or you are having a fault fixed, it is essential to know where to find a trustworthy professional. While finding the right car mechanic can be challenging if you are not mechanically knowledgeable, if you know what questions to ask this process is much easier.

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8 important questions to ask before hiring a mechanic
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8 important questions to ask before hiring a mechanic
Looking for a mechanic? It is important to know what to look out for when you are choosing someone to do your car service and repairs.
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