Introducing Apple Watch 2: Your all-day assistant

The new Apple Watch 2 is coming out and to answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes, it is better than its predecessor. If you are in the market for an Apple Watch for sale on Junk Mail, you might want to hold out for the newest Apple iWatch or find a bargain on an older version.

apple watch 2

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

In the age old battle between generations the Second Generation smart watch from Apple has outmanoeuvred and outperformed its predecessor in many respects. While the Series 1 and 2 bare a resemblance in terms of their physical look and feel, the newest watch packs a powerful punch beneath its beautifully designed exterior.

Let’s look at a few reasons why the Apple Watch Series 2 is a ground-breaking release.

Apple Watch Features

The Apple Watch Series 2 is your new daily assistant. These Apple Watch features make the iWatch much more integral to your day-to-day activities than just any smartwatch.

The new Apple Watch has features both new and old such as a built-in GPS, Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth 4.0, and an ambient light sensor. However, the most impressive features are its health and fitness built-in features, adding a new dimension in line with improving your daily life.

apple watch

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

Health and Fitness Functionalities

This newest watch release from Apple has a heart rate sensor, third-party health app integration, and even an app to help you to practise mindfulness! These functions are most useful when integrated to your apps on your iPhone or Mac to keep track all day long for the most comprehensive picture of your health.

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This iWatch 2 is also more than just a smart watch, it is a sports watch as well. One of the most convincing reasons to purchase this watch is its capabilities during fitness activities. Leave your phone safe at home because you’ll have everything you’d need and more for your workout. Track your runs with the GPS, use the heart sensor to see if you’ve gotten your heart-rate up enough, and track it all with the workout app that tracks your progress across several metrics.

iwatch 2 smart watch

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

The Apple Watch 2 comes packaged in an entirely waterproof body. The watch is so well engineered that you can submerge it in up to 50 metres of water. For avid swimmers the watch will come with both pool swim and open water swim options, this means that if you opt to swim in open water, if you select the open water swim option you will be able to view a GPS-based swimming map on your Apple Watch. While the GPS does not work underwater, instead, the Apple Watch Series 2 creates the map from any moment your watch is above water and able to get a GPS signal. This is potentially a useful feature for professional swimmers or anyone who swims regularly.

Siri for your Apple Watch

Siri will be a familiar voice to previous Apple users. Feel like a smooth spy when you speak into your watch to activate your own personal assistant who can open up just about any app or search for the information you need, when you need it.

Apps open surprisingly fast, and a home screen app dock lets you have instant access to the apps you use the most. Messaging has been improved on the Apple Watch 2 with quick-reply functionality and the ability to write out your reply by drawing with your finger on the screen.

AirPods for the Apple Watch 2

Another impressive feature on the newest Apple iWatch answers a question that many people have been wondering while waiting for its unveiling- how do you listen to music? The AirPods on this iWatch give your wireless listening through in-ear buds that are battery charged to connect with your watch.


Image Source: Apple USA Website.

The AirPods can switch between your iPhone and the watch automatically for use across your devices. Go for a run uninhibited, there are no wires to hold you back now! Separate AirPods are available for sale at R 3 199.

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Tech & Specs of the Apple Watch 2

The new Apple watch comes with a powerful hardware boost. Apple’s iWatch2 is a true revamp in that it is 50% faster than its predecessor. This iWatch has a new SiP chip and a dual core processor. The dual-core processor with a stronger GPU combined with the first watch’s watchOS 3, means more fluid use, and faster productivity so your watch and most importantly, your day, runs smoother than ever.

apple watch compatibility

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

The battery on this iWatch is a 334mAh battery that lasts up to 18 hours, giving it a battery life superior to the original watch. A magnetic charging cable is available to charge. Enjoy the OLED Retina display with Force Touch which means a more sensitive screen for faster and easier use. Apple knows that it can be hard for some people to read smaller screens. In response, the Apple Watch 2 is twice as bright as the original model for easier visibility and when combined with the Force Touch feature, overall easier navigation.

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Designs & Collections

The new Apple watch comes in a range of styles and has partnered with some powerhouses in their respective industries to bring you a line of special edition iWatches.

new apple watch designs

Image Source: Apple South Africa Website.

The base edition Apple Watch2 comes in an aluminium case with either a sport band or woven nylon strap or a stainless steel case with an optional leather strap.

Also available are:

  • Apple Watch Edition: ceramic case with a sport band and a magnetic charging dock included
  • Ceramic: in a smooth white ceramic finish for a clean, polished look
  • Nike+: comes with a Nike Sport Band and Nike+ technology to add another dimension to your workouts. The light, breathable material is comfortable for you to wear through anything. The Nike+ comes in four styles.
  • Hermes: Hermes, the iconic watch brand has turned its product with Apple from a smartwatch to a smart timepiece. A beautiful mix of utilitarian style and function, the Hermes strap will give your smart watch a classic look on a new item.

In terms of customisation, the iWatch 2 has given you the control. You can buy multiple bands to go with all of your looks.

Release and Apple Watch Price

The Apple Watch 2 will be available in South Africa on October 14th, but is available for pre-order from October 7th.

The following Apple watch prices can be expected:

  • 38mm Aluminium – R6 899
  • 42mm Aluminium – R7 499
  • 38mm Stainless Steel – R9 999
  • 42 mm Stainless Steel – R10 999

Luckily, for original Apple iWatch owners who are looking to trade-in, Apple has released trade-in prices at up to R2000 back for the 38mm model and up to R2500 back for the 42mm model.

A force in the smart watch game, the Apple Watch 2 is an all-around handy tool that makes life just a little more convenient for us all!

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Introducing Apple Watch 2: Your all-day assistant
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Introducing Apple Watch 2: Your all-day assistant
The new Apple Watch 2 is coming out and to answer the question on everyone’s mind, yes, it is better than its predecessor.
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