9 ways to improve your home security

We live in very rough times were getting your house broken into is no longer an impossibility, but an event you have to prepare yourself for. We have compiled a few tips on how to better your home security with alarm systems and more, available on Junk Mail at bargain prices.

For the more proactive members of society, housebreaking is an event that can be prevented through firstly understanding how criminals choose homes to break into, how they normally break into such homes and what home security measures one can take to prevent this from happening.

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Why is home security important?

Home security becomes even more important when you have a family and children to protect from criminal elements. As a parent you do not want your children to be exposed to criminal elements, so you ideally want to have security measures in place preventing that from happening. This article will help you get a more detailed understanding of steps you can take to improve your security and keep your family as safe as possible in your home.

Some security tips

There are numerous things you can do to make sure your home security is up-to-date and comprehensive enough to keep you, your family and belongings as safe as possible. Let us look at 10 ways you can update your security.

Installing a visual burglar alarm
One thing you can do to keep your home safe is to install alarm systems that alert you when triggered by certain events. You can choose to have standalone window alarm systems that are triggered when windows are forcibly opened, or infrared movement detectors that are triggered by any unexpected movements in the area they overlook.

You could also opt to install magnetic contact alarm systems. These alarm systems are installed on doors or windows and are triggered if the doors are opened unexpectedly. All these systems are great and the alarm you choose to install should really be based on your individual needs, the nature of your home and what you need to protect.

You could choose to have an alarm system that has infrared detectors in the corners of certain rooms in your home, magnetic contact detectors on large windows that burglars could use as entry points into your home and standalone window alarms on smaller windows.

Generally, all alarm systems come with a control panel that stays indoors. This panel helps you monitor all the alarm kits you have installed in your home and give you full control of your entire alarm system, allowing you to activate or deactivate your alarm system with the greatest of ease.

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Installing a CCTV camera
Installing a CCTV camera in addition to an existing alarm system would greatly help improve your home security. A CCTV camera could act as a part of a security system. You could use this security camera system to monitor both the inside and outside of your home.

Typically people install a security camera system outside of their yards and around their garage area in order to monitor any strange behaviour occurring outside of their yards that may be indicative of a potential break-in. The great thing about these systems is that a fairly modern security camera system will allow you to monitor any of CCTV camera you have installed through your desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone. This would make a great addition to any DIY alarm systems you have in your home.

Keeping your windows and doors locked

This goes without saying, never leave garage doors open or windows open when you are not inside the house. It takes just a few seconds for a potential burglar to notice these things. Do not make your home a target for burglars by making these very basic mistakes when leaving your home unattended.

Installing burglar bars

People have mixed feelings about burglar bars. A lot of people will tell you that these do not stop burglars. If a burglar has set out to specifically target your home for a break-in burglar bars will probably not be a huge deterrent. This is true, however, the point is not necessarily to stop burglars but to slow them down.

The more barriers a burglar will have to go through to get to your prized possessions, the more likely they will simply look for another home to target that is more vulnerable and less of a risk.

Along with burglar bars, security gates also makes it difficult for anyone to make it into your home. They’re a lot stronger, so security gates will definitely discourage anyone trying to make an entry through a door. Solid steel security gates are definitely worth considering, if you’re to make your home safe.

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Installing an electric fence

Electric fences, much like burglar bars and security gates act as a deterrent against potential burglars targeting your homes. Before installing these fences you may need to carry out research on security companies that install these fences and find out how much these security companies charge to respond to any alarm triggered by the electric fences.

Installing external padlocks

If you are looking for extra security you also need to look into installing external padlocks to make it more difficult for burglars to break into any of your gates or doors. Again, the intention here is to add as many deterrents as possible.

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Security lights

This may seem like an unlikely addition to your DIY alarm system. However, this will actually deter burglars from breaking into your home because burglars generally want to avoid breaking into a very well-lit home. The more lighting a home has, the more likely the burglar can get caught in the act.

Installing window stops

For anyone who is not in-the-know, window stops prevent windows from being opened beyond a certain point. This makes it difficult for burglars to use windows with window stops as entry points as they can only be opened enough only for ventilation purposes.

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Fill your trash

Believe it or not, filling your trash helps keep burglars at bay. The reason is mostly psychological. Burglars prefer targeting empty houses or houses with very few people. Having a trash can that is always full signifies to the burglar that your house has many people. The more people you have, the more variables the burglar would have to deal with if they break into your home.

Here are a few more tips to keep your home safe:

• Avoid posting about vacations on social media as this may alert potential burglars that your home is empty
• Make friends with the neighbours and the neighbourhood watch committee if your neighbourhood has one
• Never leave your keys in obvious places

With all the shared tips and ideas, adapt a new approach to your home security. Find the extras to add to your home, advertised on Junk Mail in the Security category. Also look out for security companies advertising their products and services.

9 ways to improve your home security
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9 ways to improve your home security
We have compiled a few tips on how to better your home security with alarm systems and more, available on Junk Mail at bargain prices.
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