Advert Placement Tips for Sellers

Some users sell their item literally instantly (between 5 minutes and 30 minutes after placing a free advert on our website). For other users it takes longer to sell their item. This could be because the advert is not placed in the correct category or it could be because the advertiser is not being descriptive enough.

Make use of these guidelines when placing an advert for sale with us:

  • Junk Mail offers many different categories under which to place your classified ad. Be sure to pick the one that best fits your ad. Categories make it easier for the reader to locate specific types of ads. If you’re using our service but you are unsure which category to place your advert in let us choose your category for you or contact us to find out which category is most suitable for your item.
  • Pick a header or keyword(s) that helps the reader know what is in your ad at a glance.  
  • Short precise ads work better. Most people will read a nice, short ad in its entirety. Some people will just skip over an ad if it looks too long. Good classifieds also speak in short, benefit-filled lines so three to four word sentences work well.
  • Start sentences with action words. Use short phrases
  • Use action words like “Now”, “amazing”, “attractive”, “confidential”, etc in your advert to attract attention to it.
  • Be descriptive when placing your advert. If you are advertising a vehicle, including the colour, year model, mileage, extras, features and description of the condition of the vehicle. If you’re advertising your property mention the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and a list of other amenities. If your item has a brand name and model number include it in the item’s description. We allow up to 500 characters per free advert, plenty of space to work with.
  • Write your ad in complete sentences. Then cut out non- essential words to make your ad the required length.
  • Spark an interest or curiosity in your advertisement.
  • If there are still characters available after you’ve typed in your item’s description, include a reason for selling. If you are moving, state it in the advert. If you are emigrating state it in the advert. If you received the item as an unwanted gift, state it in the advert. If you have to sell the item ASAP state that it’s an urgent sale in your advert. If you are reluctant to sell your item but you have no choice, state that it’s a reluctant sale.
  • Don’t try to make your product appear to good to be true. Leave out the hype. The Internet has grown and hype does not really sell anymore. Just state the real facts.
  • Adverts get better responses when a price is posted. If you are not sure about a price, post it just a little higher than you what you really want for it and mention that the price is negotiable.
  • Include a photo of the item in your advert. We allow up to 15 free photos per advert.
  • Place a video advert with us instead of a photo advert for more exposure.
  • Be there. When people do respond to your classified ad, make sure you are ready and able to answer the phone, your email, your snail mail . . . promptly, professionally, courteously!
ItemWrong Way to Advertise ItemCorrect Way to Advertise Item
CarMini: R.10000MINI 1300: 1969. Yellow. With radio/tape. Good cond. R.10000.
PropertyHATFIELD: 3 bedr flat for sale. R.450000HATFIELD: 3 bedr flat for sale. With 2 bathr, undercover parking. Close to amenities and UP. Urgent sale R.450000
CameraNIKON CAMERA: R.500NIKON CAMERA: D55 model. With extra lens. Good cond. Owner upgrading. R.500

If you follow these guidelines you should receive the correct kind of exposure from potential buyers. We hope these guidelines aide our users in placing adverts that will receive more effective exposure.

Feel free to comment on this post. Feedback about this is appreciated.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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