Another 10 Funny Classifieds Adverts

It’s fun browsing classifieds online. Sometimes you find something you need at a decent price. And sometimes you find a good laugh…

The previous post on the Junk Mail Blog which featured 10 Funny Classifieds Adverts was very popular and we thought that our users would enjoy Another 10 Funny Classifieds Adverts.

Here is the list of adverts:

10. Oversharing in the Personals section?

Lester: This is Dawn. Please be assured that I will getting married no matter what you or my disfunctional sister have to say. We might have to go to Canada or Mexico but we will be getting married. I get what I want and that is very important to me. Lester, you have a few secrets of your own that you want to keep down low, so watch out!

9. Pet advert stating the obvious

Pony For Sale: Looks like Small Horse $900

8. Really? Do you get large ones?

For sale. Bonsai Tree. Large. £80

7. An advert for a qualified Tutor

Am Your Grammer Letting You Down? Private Tuition Available. Now Call Now.

6. They Only Come Out At Night…

Nemesis Wanted: I’m 5’10”, into kayaking, books and conversation (by day), justice, honour and vengeance (by night). Seeking Arch-Enemy, possibly crimelord or deformed megalomaniac.

5. Wow! A Talking Car…

Honda Civic For Sale: ’96. AM/FM/CD. Good cond. Speaks Spanish. $3500

4. People will try an sell anything nowadays…

For sale. Holiday Photos: Choice of ski, sun or city break. Ideal for anecdote or alibi.

3. Selling an appliance for a valid reason

Joining Nudist Colony. Must sell Washer & Dryer. $300

2. An advertiser contradicting himself

Amana Washer $100. Owner by clean bachelor who seldom washed.

1. The Hilux of Notre Dame??

1983 Toyota Hilux Hunchback for sale. $300


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