How we got pranked on April Fool’s Day…

April Fool’s day is a very serious day of significant silliness.

Yesterday we told some of the Junk Mail staff members that we will all wear different socks and shoes to work on April Fool’s day just to see if they will fall for the prank…

April Fools At Junk Mail

We have some April Fools in the office!

The history of this very important day can be traced back to France in the 1500s, when the French began using the Gregorian calendar. Not everybody was aware, however, that the date had changed, so they were teased by their peers.

Historic pranks include a hilarious airing by the BBC in 2008 of penguins flying:

If you need some inspiration to successfully prank your colleagues, have a look-see here:

What was the prankiest thing you’ve done on April Fool’s Day?

How we got pranked on April Fool’s Day...
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How we got pranked on April Fool’s Day...
See how some of the Junk Mail team were pranked on April Fool's Day and learn more about this historic day...
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Junk Mail
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