Back-to-school Tips

So now that the Spring Holidays are over, school children throughout South Africa had to return to school this morning. After a week of being on holiday, your kid may find it difficult to wake up early and pay attention in their lessons throughout the day.


It’s been said that many teenagers and children lack the ability to concentrate in class or sit long enough to complete their homework. According to Wikipedia, the attention span of a healthy teenager is said to be 40 minutes at a time.

These back-to-school tips will help you get an attentive kid:


  • Healthy Diet

Healthy-MealIt all begins with a healthy balanced diet. Kids and teenagers love eating a lot of junk and comfort foods especially while studying. Make sure your children eat healthily with these tips:

  • Eat a variety of healthy foods – including a fruit in the lunchbox.
  • Balance the food they eat with their physical activities.
  • Select a diet that includes a lot of grains, fruits and veggies.
  • Try avoiding foods that are high in sugar as well as salt.
  • Avoid foods such as fast foods, caffeine, sodas, sweets and chocolates.

Following a healthy balanced diet will increase your child’s attention span and will also not get them bored and sleepy while they are in a class or doing homework.

  • Sleep Times

A child needs a goodnight sleep. It is important that your child gets their full 8 hours of sleep before attending school the next day. Avoid allowing your kids to watch television or play games on their PlayStation or Xbox until the late hours of the night. Allow them a rest after school before they begin with their homework.

  • Establish Boundaries


It is very important that as a parent you establish boundaries for your child. Monitor the usage of your child using technology, set times for them to watch Television, play games and use other hand held devices. Their usage needs to be monitored as well as limited.

  • Adopt a Reward SystemStar

When your child is busy concentrating on their homework, it’s good to acknowledge that. Give them a reward for completing their homework. Set up a reward system for them doing well in school.

These are simple steps to take to ensure your child gets the best out of their education. You can also encourage them by helping them with their homework and making it fun by being creative. You can find great bargains on educational toys and gadgets on Junk Mail for them to play with, as they will be learning while having fun.


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