Blackberry – The Perfect Phone For Your Kids

Phones_For_Sale_PretoriaWhen you have a child, finding the best mobile phones for sale can be a bit tricky. I’m sure there have been many parents who have given their children mobile phones and then sat back in shock and horror when the bill came at the end of the month. Unfortunately, children, and especially teenagers, don’t actually know what it costs to send texts and make phone calls. Now, with the sudden increase of connectivity and each and every new phone coming equipped with internet, email and apps to play with, the biggest problem faced by parents is that of the data costs. If you thought phone calls and text messages were expensive, wait till you get an unexpected data bill, one that’s been calculated for out of bundle rates of R2/mb.

Introducing BiS

Blackberry Internet Services is a revolutionary way of thinking and even though the Blackberry boom has long since ended, to be replaced by the more recent Smartphone boom, there is still a lot to be done with a Blackberry, especially if you have kids. In the past, BiS was pretty much unlimited, but due to the irresponsible actions of a few, has since been capped. Blackberry has said that there were some users that were using over 100GB of a data a month, now on a normal phone, this is impossible, but when the phone is hacked to create a portable modem, the problems began. The average user was using between 100mb and 200mb a month. Now this may sound very little, but Blackberry developed compression technology in the BiS architecture and as such, even the most social of people, will not be able to reach that 200mb cap.

This means, if you want your child to be in constant contact, whether it’s via email (I know that sounds funny), BBM, Whatsapp or even Skype calls, it’s now possible. This means parents can buy the cheaper contracts from the various service providers, some as little as R100 per month, and you will never have to worry about your child being stuck anywhere without the means to contact you. You also won’t have to worry about them running up massive phone and data bills, because both can be capped and BiS will provide enough so that they can text to their hearts delight, be on Facebook and Twitter constantly and they still won’t reach the various caps set by the service providers. Also, 200mb is the lowest cap, companies like Cell C, have offered up a 2GB cap, which in terms of Blackberry data usage, is a figure anywhere up to five times that amount, all of which, costs a measly R59 per month.

Get a Blackberry

So if you’re looking to buy your child a new phone or a first phone, I wouldn’t even think about buying them the likes of an iPhone or anything from the Samsung Galaxy range. Both phones chew through data indiscriminately thanks to the apps and constant updates. Even if they beg and plead, I wouldn’t advise caving as the bills these phones can produce are horrifyingly alarming and I believe the service providers are making an absolute fortune from unlucky souls who fail to realise their data bundles have run out. If you’re looking for Blackberry phones for sale in Pretoria, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of them on Junk Mail. We have tons of mobile phones for sale on our website.

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