Brazuca – The new World Cup Ball for 2014

soccer_balls_for_saleWith the Soccer World Cup that kicked off yesterday, the world has gone wild with soccer fever; with each represented country watching closely to who will be the next World Cup kings. Brazil has been chosen as this year’s World Cup hosting nation and deservingly so, with five World Cup titles in their trophy hall of fame, and being the only nation that has played every single World Cup tournament.

The goods and the glory for this year will be the all-important soccer World Cup ball with which players will either make or break history. The soccer World Cup ball is manufactured by Adidas, (one of the official World Cup sponsors) and although designed to perform most consistently in Brazilian climate conditions, is not manufactured in Brazil at all, nor by men for that matter. The country in which the World Cup ball is made is more renowned for their skills in the game of cricket than soccer: Pakistan. Interestingly enough, the World Cup ball is also skilfully crafted together by female technicians before it is tested for handling, weight, bounce and resistance.

According to Adidas, the World Cup ball resembles the colourful spirit and nation of Brazil, and has been named Brazuca, encapsulating all that is Brazilian. With the controversy that surrounded the 2010 Jabulani ball featuring the “Grip’n’Groove” technology, Adidas had to make sure that this year the World Cup ball will be a sure success with predictable stability in-flight that won’t scare off and become every goal keeper’s worst nightmare.

If you are ready for more soccer action in play than just on the T.V, you can also get going with your own soccer ball and game at home with the kids or just for fun with the family. Junk Mail has a host of soccer balls for sale in South Africa that are ready for their own game of making or breaking family home fun “World Cup” history.

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