Friday the 13th and Full Moon Combo

Combine Friday the 13th and a full moon on one calendar day and everyone will think you will get a recipe for disaster. Both subjects have been used extensively by movie makers to scare people into buying overpriced Full Moontickets for under budgeted movies.

Think of the Friday the 13th Franchise or any movie with a werewolf or a vampire. People across the world love a conspiracy theory, urban legend and man-made horrors.

While most of us are grown-up enough to realise that there is not merit behind Full moon and Friday the 13th horrors (except that the male of the species becomes somewhat irrational during full moon; werewolf anyone?) it can’t hurt combining the 2 bad omens to create an awesome luck-filled day!

May your Friday the 13th / Full moon combo give you a luck-filled long weekend!

Remember we don’t take long weekends here at Junk Mail, so you can still sell your stuff!

Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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