Build your own world with Lego

No matter your age, Legos are fun. With great Lego sets and blocks to choose from, each one cooler and more complex than the first, you and the kids are sure to have hours of endless fun creating, building, recreating and even dismantling. With great Legos for sale on Junk Mail, you can start a new adventure today.


With a wide range of Lego blocks and sets – like Lego Technic and Lego City – to choose from, we’ve decided to highlight some ranges, sets and themed sets to help get you started.

Create with Lego City

Lego City is all about creating a city complete with police, citizens and cars and even construction machinery and crew. Offering awesome sets to keep the kids (and maybe even the hubby) busy, these Legos allow kids to build and play in a world created by them.

Offering a range of sets and awesome packs, some of the sets you can find under this category include:

Volcano Explorers

For the adventurous at heart the Volcano Explorers range offers everything from a starter set to the Volcano Heavy-Lift Helicopter. Great for creating and exploring the world, these sets start at around R 150.

These Lego City sets offer everything from an Exploration Truck and ATV, to an Exploration Base and even a Volcano Crawler.

volcano explorers lego

Image Source: Lego Website.

Fire Rescue

Great for little boys and girls with dreams of being a hero, the Fire Rescue Lego City set is perfect. With the Fire Rescue starter pack start at around R 144, these sets from Lego are extensive ranging to include everything from a Fire Response Unit and Utility Truck, to a Fire Boat, Ladder Truck and a very awesome Fire Station.

The Fire Station sets include, among other extras, six mini figures, three modular sections that need to be built by your little creator, a fire station with two garages, nine different building combinations, a fire truck and a helicopter.

fire rescue lego city

Image Source: Lego Website.

Demolition Sets

For the destroyer and builders, the Demolition Lego City sets are super fun. The Demolition Starter Pack start at around R 143, the range itself extending to include Bulldozers, Excavators and Trucks. Also available from Lego is the Demolition Site pack that includes five workers, a crane, front end loader, a dump truck and three different building sections, to name but a few cool Lego blocks.

Be creative with Lego Creator

If you have a little creator in your home, the Lego Creator range might just be the perfect match. Featuring everything from the Subset Street Bike to more complicated creations like the Lighthouse Point, you are sure to find the right blocks for your builder.

What is great about the Creator range is their ‘3-in-1’ approach to Lego blocks and sets. Instead of being able to create only one thing – like a car – most of these sets allow for three different configurations.

Some cool sets that stand out in this range include:

Blue Express

Great for kids between the ages of six and 12, this 3-in-1 Lego Creator set has a three part modular design that allows you to reconfigure your model. It can also be combined with other compatible sets, and the blocks in the set itself can be configured to create either a Fast Train or a classic Train Carriage. This set is priced at around R 76.

lego creator sets

Image Source: Lego Website.

Mighty Dinosaurs

Love living on the wild side? This 3-in-1 set from Lego allows your creator to build a T-Rex, Pterodactyl or Triceratops. Perfect for seven to 12 year olds, this set has a total of 174 pieces. Other ‘animal’ creator sets also available include Forest Animals, Fury Creatures and Parr Animals. All of these creator Lego sets are 3-in-1 allowing for hours of fun.

This set has a price of around R 238.

Lakeside Lodge

Create a beautiful lakeside lodge with over 360 Lego pieces. Great for kids aged between seven and 12, this set is also a 3-in-1 and can be rebuilt into an Observatory or Small Cabin. Included in this set is a male figure, a moose and frog (that needs to be built) and everything from a camp fire and outdoor wall lamp, to a stove and pine tree.

lakeside lego lodge

Image Source: Lego Website.

Depending on where you decide to purchase this set, you can expect a starting price of around R 360.

These sets truly have something for everyone, offering cars, helicopters, a corner deli, a treehouse and even an ocean explorer. The Lego Creator Expert range offers more advanced models such as the Sydney Opera House, consisting of over 2 980 blocks, and the Ferrari F40, consisting of over 1 150 pieces.

Get technical with Lego Technic

Designed for the more advanced builder, the Lego Technic range empowers builders to create more advanced models with moving parts and includes smaller parts such as gears, pins and axles. Including everything from race cars and helicopters, these Lego blocks and sets are perfect for the logical and creative builder.

Some of the Technic sets that stand out include:

Bucket Wheel Excavator

An extremely detailed set, you will be building a two-in-one Bucket Wheel Excavator – one of Lego’s largest Technic sets available. Complex and detailed in every way, this set includes everything from a detailed cab to walkways. With included power functions, this set can also be rebuilt into a Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant.

lego technic for sale

Image Source: Lego Website.

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

Consisting of over 2 750 elements, this Lego Technic set has everything from twin axle steering and a fully independent suspension, to double differential drive, a six cylinder engine that has moving pistons and a detailed interior. A 2-in-1 set from Lego, you can also rebuild it to create a Mercedes-Benz articulated construction truck.

The Technic range is big with other options available extending to include a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, an Ultralight Helicopter, a range of stunt bikes and race karts, and even tractors and wheeled excavators.

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mercedes benz acrocs lego set

Image Source: Lego Website.

Themed Lego Sets

It is no secret that Lego has created some amazing themed sets over the years. From Star Wars and MineCraft, to sets about the Lego Movie, the Angry Birds Movie and, then of course, Lego Ninjago.

While some of these themed sets are more complicated than others, there are more than enough options for any type of fans – be it a Star Wars enthusiast, gamer or Legends of Chima fans.

Some of the cool Lego sets that stood out include:

The Star Wars Death Star

A rather pricy Lego set, the Death Star consist of over 4 010 pieces and includes weapons, a control room, hanger bay, a detachable TIE Advanced, a trash compactor, droid maintenance room even two movable turbo laser towers. This list of what this set includes by no means stops here.

From the 23 mini figures (which include Darth Vader, Trakin, Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker) to an Imperial Conference Chamber and a detention block, you can be sure that your Death Star will be complete.

Once done, this model measures 41 centimetres in height and 42 centimetres in width. Also be on the lookout for other Star Wars themed sets like The Phantom, Sandcrawler, Sith Infiltrator and the First Order Transporter, to name but a few.

death star lego

Image Source: Lego Website.

Lego Legends of Chima – Tormak’s Shadow Blazer

Consisting of over 300 pieces, this set is perfect for Legends of Chima fans. With three mini figures and weapons included, the Shadow Blazer features four spring loaded missiles, a switch to go from Tiger to Panther, a cockpit, and both Panther and Tiger detailing.

A stunning set for fans between the ages of seven and 14, once constructed the model measures in at around three centimetres high, 17 centimetres wide and 24 centimetres long. There is a range of great sets to choose from here so your little one won’t be left without a hero.

Minecraft The Wither

Designed for all the Minecraft fans out there – complete with pixelated styling – The Wither set is made up of over 310 pieces. Included in this set is three mini figures – Steve and two of the wither skeletons – Steve’s bow and swords, Steve’s armour and helmet, tow TnT blocks and tumbling wall function for the fortress itself, to name but a few highlights.

lego minecraft

Image Source: Lego Website.

Great for kids aged eight and up, once complete this model measures in at around eight centimetres in height, 15 centimetres in depth and 19 centimetres in width. Other sets in this themed range from Lego include the Jungle Tree House and The Fortress.

There is a wide range of themed Lego sets to choose from, so finding the prefect one for the kids – or even the hubby – won’t be much of a challenge.

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Build your own world with Lego
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Build your own world with Lego
With everything from Lego Technic to Lego City, we’ve decided to highlight some awesome ranges, sets and themed sets to help get you started.
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