Cars for Sale – South Africa’s First Mustang

In the early parts of the year two-thousand-and-fifteen, looking for cars for sale is going to become just a little bit more exciting. Ford’s iconic muscle car, the world famous and much loved Mustang, will make an appearance, for the first time ever, on the sunny shores of Southern Africa.

Cars-for-sale-Cape-TownFor many, there are few things less exciting than the imminent arrival of, ‘the Stang’. Even in a country that has never allowed the importing of too many foreign cars, there is still a cult following that stretches from coast to coast. Such is the incredible support for the rampaging Pony, that many a person has have even endured the lengthy and horribly painful process of importing one from abroad. This, if nothing else, shows the incredible commitment of the enthusiasts and as such, promises that the new car will have a cult following the instant its shiny wheels hit the tarmac.


Seeing as the Mustang is and always will be a muscle car, I’ll start with the most important part of the car, the engine. Ford SA has announced the car will come with two engine options. First, and definitely most important, the big one, the 5.0 litre V8 that can reduce even the strongest of men, to tears. Next up, we have the alternative, the engine that I think shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the car.

The other option is, a 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine that will be found in the Focus ST, which to me, is like putting milk into your Tabasco sauce to dull the burn. If I were president of Ford, you would be allowed to choose the colour of your Mustang, and that’s it. However, there are those that will advocate the inclusion of the smaller engine. According to information provided by Ford, the smaller, turbocharged engine does have its benefits and they have said that the engine will deliver more power than the V8 while achieving 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions.

This may sound attractive to some, but for me personally, it makes absolutely no sense to buy a rampaging muscle car with a Focus engine for fuel efficiency and convenience. No, you buy a rampaging muscle car so you can go rampaging around the country in a cloud of smoke. It’s a Mustang, it’s not supposed to be sensible, it’s supposed to transport you back to the heady days of the late 60’s where corners were overrated and nothing else mattered except getting to the lights ahead of someone else.


Now we have gotten the most important part out of the way, it’s time to be a little more sensible. Key features of the car include: a wide stance with a low roof that accentuates the muscle-car-bad-boy vibe. A sleek profile that’s been made possible by the design of the sloping windshield and rear glass. The ever impressive three-dimensional, tri-bar tail lamps seen in Mustangs since the very beginning. A contemporary execution of the car’s iconic signature, the shark-bite front fascia. The steering wheel is chunky and incredibly gripable, probably so you won’t let go of a flimsy piece of plastic when going around a corner, sideways, at a hundred and fifty. The only problem that I could find with the interior was the inclusion of the air vents, the common Ford vents found in the likes of the Fiesta. This is such a shame as they’re ugly and surely someone from Ford should have decided that unique, Mustang styled vents belong in a Mustang, not some plastic circles from a Fiesta.

Get Yourself a Stang

Personally, I think the arrival of the Mustang is brilliant. I love these cars and I always have, ever since I saw Steve McQueen driving around in one. When the Mustang arrives, I recommend that you go buy one. If you are wondering where to shop for cars for sale in Cape Town, I’m sure you’ll find them at all the Ford dealerships. So if you’re thinking about a new car or have already begun the hunt for cars for sale, wait a bit and get yourself a Stang, and the best thing, it also comes in a convertible.

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