Cell Phone Germs: How to get rid of them


A study has shown that your phone is dirtier than a toilet handle. As the thought brings shock in your mind and it would make you want to gag, worry not, we have a solution to this little problem. What is the best way to clean your cell phone you ask?

1. Use alcohol to disinfect your device’s screen and case of germs and bacteria.
Sometimes just wiping with a cloth or a tissue is not enough, just dap your cloth with alcohol or free disinfects and you are ready to combat those germs. Since your phone carries about 18x more bacteria than a toilet handle, following this method on a weekly basis can assure you of a germ free cell phone.

2. Wipe off the finger prints on your cell phone with a clean cloth.
Because your touch screen phone often moves from ear to fingers, fingers that have been in oily food, or a sudden scratch of your scalp from that itch you just cannot ignore. The touch screen of your phone carries the most dirt. Wipe of the finger prints with a clean cloth on a daily basis to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria.

3. Use cotton swabs for your device’s buttons, which carry food crumbs and dust.
Disinfect the cotton swabs and gently clean each button on its own. This should also be done as frequently as your would clean your devices screen to insure that you are free from germs and bacteria. Using the cotton swab means that you get to disinfect all corners of your devices buttons as a cloth may not give the same results.

Having a clean cell phone should be as important as accessorising with earrings or a clean shirt. Whether you own an iPhone, a Samsung or a Blackberry device, use your phone with care and make use of these steps to get rid of the germs and bacteria on your cell phone.

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