How to build THE ultimate mancave

A place for the guys to sit back and relax, a Mancave is your personal domain and should be filled with everything you enjoy – from your favourite couch and a pumping sound system, to an epic gaming area and a waterhole. Today we talk about awesome man cave ideas and all the cool stuff you can find for sale on Junk Mail to create THE ultimate space.

man cave ideas

Choosing a Mancave location and some tips to get you started

Firstly you will need to choose a space in your home where you can create your Mancave. Options include spare rooms, studies, garages, sheds or basements. If the room is unused, it is a great candidate for a man cave.

If you have a room filled with unwanted items that can be easily transformed into the ultimate man cave, place your free ads on Junk Mail. Sell what you don’t need, make a quick buck and find epic furniture and appliances for your man cave today.

You may want to sound proof the room so that you don’t disturb anyone else in the house when you are watching movies or playing music. Once you have found a location it is time to make the room comfortable.

A great way to kick-start your man cave ideas are to start with some cosmetic touches like painting the walls. Light colours will make the room appear larger, however darker colours may be better suited to gaming, home theatres and home bars.rustic mancave

Lighting helps to create a relaxing ambiance in your mancave. Get lights that can be dimmed if you want to watch movies and sports in your man cave. You will also need curtains to block out the light that can decrease the quality of the viewing experience.

Once you have prepared the room you can start creating the perfect mancave. Take a look at some of the awesome accessories and appliances that will make your man cave ideas come to life.

No last call in this bar

If you want to unwind with a drink and a few friends, it’s a great idea to create a bar area in your mancave. You will need some basic bar furniture to help you get started.

First off you will need to find a bar counter for sale on Junk Mail. Make sure that it fits into your available space ad do not take up all the room you have – remember, there are still some awesome things you will need to add.

Once this has been installed you can find comfortable stools. Keep in mind that they do not need to be expensive and you can find great deals on bar stools for sale on Junk Mail.

bar stools for sale

If you want to store a few chilled beers, then a mini fridge is a good option. For the ultimate mancave refrigerator find one with a keg compartment and beer tap. Either way make sure that your fridge is well stocked at all times. With your own fridge you won’t have to leave your room to get a refreshing beverage. With so many craft beers to choose from you can keep a wide variety of options.

Once your bar furniture has been chosen and placed, you might want to upgrade your bar area as well. We suggest finding ice makers for sale on Junk Mail. Available at reasonable prices, your ice maker will ensure that no drink ever goes warm.

While you are at it, also check out the blenders for sale on Junk Mail. If you love making cocktails – we don’t judge – you will most definitely enjoy your blender.

To enjoy your beer the right way you will need proper glasses. Not only do proper beer glasses enhance the beer drinking experience, but they also look good. Whiskey glasses are another useful addition to your bar.

Sit back and relax

Your mancave is supposed to be an area where you can put your feet up and relax. In order to create a space where you (and your friends) can relax and enjoy the game, you will need to find super comfy couches for sale on Junk Mail.

Make sure that you select comfortable couches that are also durable so that when you mess food or drinks it is easy to clean up. You can select different types of furniture, however if you are going for an upmarket look make sure that they match. Add a lazyboy for maximum comfort – especially if you are into gaming consoles.

comfortable couch

You can also consider outdoor wooden furniture which is both rugged and strong creating the perfect image for your mancave.

Next up is the TV. This is an important one guys, so keep your eyes nailed to this screen. Finding the right TV for sale on Junk Mail is vital when setting up the relaxation area. Whether you are watching your favourite sports, enjoying action movies or taking on playing Call of Duty, you will want to have the best viewing experience in your man cave.

Getting a large flatscreen TV is perfect for watching games or having friends over to watch major sporting events. Add some tables to place drinks on or if you enjoy board games you can add a larger table to play games on.

find a tv for your mancave

A popcorn machine is a great accessory to add to your relaxation area. With a popcorn machines you are one step closer to recreating the cinema experience in your own home.

Can you hear me now?

For men that enjoy music, setting up a sound system in your mancave is a must. When you are looking for a sound system for sale for sale on Junk Mail make sure that you choose a model that delivers a high-quality, trustworthy performance.

Bluetooth speakers offer easy connectivity, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, a karaoke machine is a fun addition to your home entertainment area.

Get your game on

A mancave isn’t complete without a gaming area. Choose your favourite games to add to this section of the room. You can even find arcade machines for sale on Junk Mail. Arcade machines are fun to play alone or with friends. You can even add a pinball machine for some classic fun.

Recreate the atmosphere of your local pub with a dart board. Dart boards are great when you host parties or if you have a few friends over for a couple of drinks on the weekend. Bristle board makes the darts stick better.

arcade games for your man cave

The dart board that you choose will depend on how seriously you take this game. If you play often and want to run competitions with your friends, you may want to invest in a high quality board. If you get your own poker table you can host poker competitions.

A pool table is a must-have in a man cave. Browse through the pool tables for sale on Junk Mail to find one which suits your budget. And last but not least you can add gaming consoles for hours of fun.

Not sure whether you want an Xbox or PlayStation? Read these posts to help you make a choice:

Do you even lift bru?

Add some sporting equipment to your man cave so that you can keep fit in the privacy of your own room. Exercising is a great way to relieve stress after a busy day at work. Some options of equipment to add include dumbbells and a bench press.

Other man cave ideas

The best thing about your mancave is that you can decorate it however you choose. You can stick funny signs by the bar area or put up photos of your fishing escapades. Your mancave also gives you an opportunity to display your sports memorabilia. Movie posters from classics such as the Godfather and Scarface can also be used as decorations.

old movie poster

While we have made plenty of suggestions of what you can put in your man cave, it is ultimately up to you to decide. The key to creating an awesome mancave is filling it with activities that you enjoy doing and what you will choose to add will depend on your interests and budget as well as the size of the room.

Now that you know about all the cool stuff you can find for sale on Junk Mail to pimp your mancave, it’s time to get started!

How to build THE ultimate mancave
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How to build THE ultimate mancave
A place for the guys to sit back and relax, a Mancave is your personal domain and should be filled with everything you enjoy.
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