Create a stunning feature wall in your home

A feature wall is an easy and effective way of making a room unique. Using stunning paint colours you can create a bold focal point, turning a drab room into an interior decoration marvel. From using different paints to using unique painting techniques, there are plenty of ways to make a wall in your room stand out. Remember, you can find great deals on paint for sale on Junk Mail.

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Putting your Feature Wall Ideas together

When it comes to interior decoration, a feature wall can add an element of excitement to your home. The first step is to decide which wall to use as a focal point. It’s a good idea to pick the wall that first catches your attention when you enter the room. You can also use walls which already have features such as fireplaces or mantelpieces.

When you are making this decision you will need to consider the furniture that is already in the room. One option is to choose a wall that is not obstructed by furniture. By selecting a wall in an emptier part of the area, you will have a clearer view of the wall when you enter the room.

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Doorways and windows can be an interesting element of a feature wall but make sure that they don’t distract from your design. If you are creating a feature wall in a small room that is cluttered it is better to use a section of wall as using a whole wall can make the room look too busy.

Get the paint and paint brushes out

Once you have decided on a space you will need to review wall painting ideas. It is important to decide on interior paint colours that match the style of your room. Contrasting colours can be used to create an eye-catching design on your wall. If you are looking for a more subtle effect, you can use toning shades.

When it comes to painting walls you will also need to consider what design to use. Bold designs have a forceful impact while muted patterns have a softer effect. Make sure that you find a good quality paint for sale on Junk Mail so that your feature wall lasts. You will also need to consider paint prices when making a decision, so keep this in mind when choosing your paint colours and textures.

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Techniques and Feature Wall Ideas

Painting techniques can be used to make your feature wall extra special. Once you have found your perfect interior paint colours, you can get started on using paint techniques to make your wall interesting.

Lace stencils are a simple way of creating an interesting and elegant feature wall. You can also use hand-drawn shapes to create an attractive design on the wall. If bright colours aren’t what you are looking for, you can still use pale shades of paint to create a visually appealing feature. One suggestion is to use subtle colours but paint horizontal or vertical stripes on the wall.

It is important to consider the interior design of the room when you are creating a feature wall. The wall needs to be part of a harmonious design scheme. The focus point that you create will therefore need to work around the accessories that are already in the room.

interior paint colours

While interior paint is crucial when creating an aesthetically appealing room, it is no use creating a stunning feature wall just to hide it behind furniture. Instead you should use the furniture that is already in the room to emphasise the design of the wall. In your bedroom you could use the bed to draw extra attention to the wall while in the lounge the couch can be suitable for this purpose.

Opting for wallpaper for your Feature Wall

Another option is to use wallpaper to create a feature wall. In larger rooms it is advisable to use large and bold prints which catch people’s attention. However if you are decorating a small room it is better to use a more moderate print.

The reason for this difference is that in small rooms feature walls with large patterns could make your room look smaller. Modern wallpaper is easy to apply and to remove if you want to change the interior decoration of your home.

feature wall with wallpaper

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Now it’s time to get your feature wall ideas together and find great deals on paint for sale on Junk Mail. With so many paint colours to choose from and different paint effects, you can create a wall which matches your personal style. Not only is creating a feature wall a fun project, it will also make the interior design of your house stand out.

Create a stunning feature wall in your home
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Create a stunning feature wall in your home
A feature wall is an easy way to make a room unique. Use paint colours to create a bold focal point and turn a room into an interior decoration marvel.
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