Dedicated cycling lanes to be launched in Jo’burg soon!

More and more people are cycling to work to save money and the environment at the same time. The only setback is that they can’t make use of the sidewalks as these are filled with pedestrians. They then make use of the road but are in danger of being run over by cars.

JHB Cycling LanesTo help these environmentally conscious and super fit members of society, The City of Johannesburg announced that they have changed the face of Jo’burg streets to better suit the latest trend of cycling to work with dedicated cycling lanes. Motorists believed the new green lanes, separated by low concrete barrier bumps, to be parking spaces, but will be in for a surprise when the lanes are officially launched. The City will make use of the Rea Vaya team to implement law enforcement.

Nkosinathi Nkabinde, City Spokesperson, said ‘lighting will be improved along these lanes and importantly, CCTV cameras are being installed along them to improve safety, not only for the cyclists, but for pedestrians, residents and vehicles along these routes’.

‘The cameras will be linked to the city’s control room and where there are infringements of the cycle route or a crime, the JMPD will dispatch an enforcement officer.’

The city worked closely with the Johannesburg Urban Cycling Association (JUCA) during planning and construction phases of the dedicated cycling lanes. JUCA is dedicated to transforming Jo’burg into a cycling-friendly city and is promoting city cycling.

Bicycle commuterJUCA is also facilitating a loan scheme for people wanting to purchase bikes, said the Head of the organization, David du Preez.  JUCA would like to change the mindset of young people; instead of dreaming of buying their first car, they should dream of buying their first bicycle.

Cycling is fast becoming a ‘cool’ trend and a city filled with cyclists will change the entire dynamic of the city.

If you are an avid cyclist and live in the Jo’burg area, would you make use of these lanes to travel to and from work?

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