The Different Types of iPods

iPods_and_MP3_Players_for_SaleWhen you’re looking for iPods and MP3 players for sale, it may get slightly confusing as to which one might suit you best and which one you can afford. In an effort to remove the aforementioned confusion from your decision making process, I have compiled a quick post on the differences between the iPods.

The iPod Shuffle

This is what we could call the base model iPod. It’s not only the cheapest, but the simplest version of the four. It comes standard with 2GB’s of storage as well as the brilliant Apple Earphones and a USB Cable to connect it to the computer. Unlike the others, it’s the only one of the three that has no screen and is instead controlled by a simple buttons. This one is the preferred choice of athletes as it’s very small and light.

The iPod Nano

The next in the series is the iPod Nano and like the Shuffle, it’s very small and very light, once again making it the preferred choice for athletes. However, unlike the smaller and cheaper Shuffle, it comes with a 2.5 inch touch screen that gives you more accessibility than the screen-less Shuffle. It comes standard with 16 GB’s of memory, FM radio, Fitness Walk + Run support and built in Nike+ Support as well as the usual array of Apple EarPod’s and a Lightning to USB cable.

The iPod Touch

There are two versions of the iPod Touch with the one being the cheaper 16GB model that only comes in white and doesn’t have the 5MP iSight camera. The other version comes in a variety of colours and has the aforementioned camera as well as two options of either 32GB of storage, or 64GB. Both models have identical 4 inch Multi-Touch Retina Display screens as well as iOS 7 that includes Siri, iMessage, iTunes Radio, apps and games, email and internet. They both have the standard Apple Face Time HD camera which can be used to take pictures and video.

The iPod Classic

This one is purely for the music enthusiasts and comes standard with a massive 160 GB of storage, meaning you can easily store up to 40 000 songs. It retains the same design of the original iPod with the clickable wheel and doesn’t come with a touch screen or a camera. It really is the simplest of the three bigger models, but still one of the favourites. As is to be expected, it also comes with the Apple EarPod as well as connections for the computer.

They’re All Brilliant

As big a decision as it is, deciding which iPod to buy, one thing is for sure, when it comes to quality MP3 players, there are few rivals that can match the Apple products. If you are looking for second-hand iPods and MP3 players for sale online in Pretoria, you can have a look at the ones found on Junk Mail. We have a wide variety of the best iPods and MP3 players for sale on our website.

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