Castle Lager introduces the BraaiPhone

Showing just how proudly South African they can be on Heritage Day (better known as National Braai Day) Castle Lager announced the launch of its BraaiNation app yesterday. The app transforms your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone into the much-anticipated BraaiPhone. Like its mobile phone counterpart, the app is one of the thinnest and lightest ones ever produced, but it’s completely designed to feature stunning displays of T-bone, fillet, wors and chops. This is an essential app for any South African who loves beer and braai-ing. It performs fast so you can enjoy an even colder beer and a perfectly braai-ed steak.


The BraaiPhone’s features include the best braai tips, braai news, a beer timer, a quiz, recipes and a braai timer. According to the official Castle Lager Braai Relations Officer Jason Goliath the app is the most beautiful consumer app that they have ever created. An amazing amount of innovation is packed into this BraaiPhone and they think consumers are going to love the functionality that assists them with cooking of their meat and cooling of their beer. The advanced BraaiNation app is available for FREE download on BraaiOS and Mandroid. So, if you are a beer lover or you love to braai, download it.  For more details about the BraaiPhone, check out the video below:

Plain and simple, right? Please take note that Castle Lager is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 and if you need more info, follow @CastleLagerSA on Twitter, join the Castle Corner Facebook page or subscribe to the Castle Lager YouTube channel.

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