Durban: Popular cars in the coastal city

The cultural diversity of Durban’s population is reflected in the variety of popular cars cruising through the streets. From souped up City Golfs to luxurious SUVS, there is something to suit every driver’s tastes. With the seaside city’s hot summers and pleasant winters, a car with a sunroof will let you enjoy the fresh air. Head to the 2014 Motor Show Durban to experience the best that the city has to offer.


Toyota strives for continuous improvement. Toyota’s strong core values and commitment to development have made it one of the popular brands of cars for sale in Durban. According to Toyota, the company is committed to “ensuring that products are of an outstanding quality, value for money and install pride of ownership.” The brand is synonymous with reliability and dependability.

Head off-road in a Toyota Fortuner and explore the beautiful scenery surrounding Durban. The Toyota Fortuner has a 2.5 litre 106 kW engine at 3400 rpm and a manual five speed transmission. It is the perfect family car as six people can be seated in the spacious interior. Safety features include vehicle stability control, airbags and an anti-lock breaking system. The sound system offers superior audio quality with six speakers and a MP3/CD player.


Impress your friends with the Toyota Hilux which is a powerful workhorse. The Toyota Hilux has a 2.7 litre 118 kW engine at 5200 rpm and manual five speed transmission. Two people can fit into this vehicle and features include air conditioning, an audio system as well as hydraulic power steering.


BMW is a firm favourite amongst Durban drivers, especially in exclusive areas such as Umhlanga. BMW has been manufacturing cars since 1928 and since the beginning they have gained a reputation for luxury and comfort. BMW manufactures fast sports cars, upmarket SUVs, stylish coupes and family wagons.

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