Entering Bachelordom – The Essential Ingredients

Flats-to-rent-Cape-TownSo you’ve done it, you’ve found property to rent, are officially a bachelor and are now looking to live life accordingly. It doesn’t really matter how old you are, if you’ve successfully arrived in the realms of the bachelor lifestyle, you will need to pay close attention. If you have just moved into a new flat, there is one thing that you simply can’t do without. The one thing that will complete your life. The one thing that you will cherish above all else: The Entertainment System.

The Essential Ingredients

  1. The TV

When creating your entertainment system, there are a few things, regardless of who you are and what you do, that are essential in creating your new system. First, foremost and most importantly, the TV. In this instance, in keeping with popular belief, size really does matter. The bigger, the better. You will need to spend as much money as you possibly can on finding the biggest TV you can possibly find or afford. There is absolutely no reason to scrimp or save, none whatsoever. If you can’t afford an inappropriately massive TV, tough, find a way to get one. Beg, borrow or steal, otherwise please sir, hand over your man card and start drinking pink drinks.

  1. The Gaming Station

It doesn’t matter if it’s an Xbox, a Playstation, a Wii or even a computer or twelve, you will, and I do mean will, get yourself a gaming station. I promise, you will spend hours behind the controller killing aliens, driving around the Nürburgring or playing for Man United. Even if you’re not a gamer at heart, you will find a reason to play. You’ll have so much time to spare and unfortunately, it won’t be filled with sport, not unless you enjoy watching the late night screening of the Pof Adder Bowls Tournament. All those hours you would otherwise spend watching chick flicks with a significant other or keeping up-to-date with the happenings of 7de Laan, can be spent running around killing zombies with crossbows or having FIFA tournaments with your friends.

  1. The Sound System

Seeing as you won’t have to tiptoe round the house while the other half sleeps in, you can have your music on as loud as you want, for as long as you want, whenever you want. To do the job properly, you will need an appropriately large sound system. One that you can plug into your TV, your gaming station and of course, your music centre. It doesn’t really matter what it is, be it a simple iPod dock or an entire Juke Box, if you can listen to ACDS’s ‘Thunderstruck’ on full blast, you should. It will make life so much more interesting and as many will tell you, music is good for the soul. But, that doesn’t mean you should sit around, drinking red wine and singing along to Diana Ross and Lionel Richie singing “my endless love”. If you do this, once again, I will need your man card, sir.

Entertainment Guaranteed

For some new to the ways of the bachelor, this might be a slightly turgid time for you and I know that you made might need some time to adjust. But, should you listen to me, I promise it will all be better. If you get your entertainment system up and running, your bachelor flat will complete you. If you’re wondering where to find a bachelors flat in Cape Town, have a look on Junk Mail. Our property to rent section will offer up thousands of different places to rent and, if you want that massive TV, have a look at the ones found on our site.

Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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