Finding Cars for Sale in South Africa

It should be an exciting time, looking for a new car, but unfortunately, when you’re confronted with the thousands of Cars for Sale, finding the perfect one is a task that even the bravest of souls fear. How then should you, the car-buyer-to-be, one not familiar with the car hunt, cope with the barrage of adverts to peruse, the sweet whisperings of the slickest of car dealers or the minefield of scams to navigate through? How are you going to find a single car, your dream car, amongst the good, the bad and the ugly? To quote the famous Mr Ripley, it’s easier than you might think, “Believe it or Not!

Easy-Streeter’s Beware

For those of you that, having heard the words “it’s easier than you think”, now think it’ll be easy, you’re in for a nasty surprise. Finding a new car is easier than you think, but it’s in no way a walk in the park and if you think it will be but a casual drive down easy street, you’re very much mistaken. If, however, you listen and adhere to the simple tips I’ll give you in a minute, the whole process can be made to be quite bearable, but only if you listen carefully and pay close attention.

Tips for the Budding Car Buyer


Cars-For-Sale-South-AfricaThe very first thing you should do, before you can even think about looking for a car, is to do a little research. This will include working out a budget, financing (should you need it), specifications such as engine type and size, what the car would be used for (weekend sportster, mommy wagon, work car or every day commuter) and what makes of car you would prefer. With this information, finding cars for sale in South Africa will be just a little bit easier.

2.The Search

As any intrepid explorer will tell you, searching is best done in a well-planned manner. For some, including the aforementioned explorers, grids work best. Small, individual sections or areas that are done piece by piece. When looking for a car, it’s best to do things the same way. Arrange your search into different categories, i.e. price, make, model. Don’t just simply click on the Junk Mail website, input your budget and hope for the best. You’ll end up with no hair and even less sanity after paging through the thousands of adverts on the site.

3.Contacting the Seller

This is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying the car, because unfortunately, there are those out there that would like nothing more than to relieve you of your hard-earned money. When you find a car that piques your interest, if at all possible, PICK UP THE PHONE AND MAKE A CALL. Those of a dodgy predisposition, thrive within the anonymous realms of cyberspace. It’s always, and I do mean always, better to have a phone conversation with the seller instead of relying on an automated email response where the anonymity of a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account gives scammers an upper hand in the dealings. Never agree to meet a faceless ‘email’ anywhere. If the seller is honest he will be open to taking a phone call and reassuring you of the potential deal. Talking to someone on the phone will also allow you to gauge his character, ask any questions regarding the car and avoid any nasty incidents.

4.Check the Car Thoroughly

When you’ve found a car you like, one that you could see yourself with for at least the next few years, you will need to check it out, properly. You should open the bonnet, turn on the engine, listen for any unfamiliar sounds, give it a few good revs, take it for a test drive and, if you really want to be safe, take it to the AA and have it checked out for yourself. If the seller is an honest one, he or she won’t mind you taking all the precautions because they will know you’re a serious buyer.

5.Buying the Car

When you’ve found your new car, you’ll probably be quite excited. That being said, this is no time to be impatient and rush proceedings. No, this is the time to slow down even more, especially when it concerns excessively large amounts of your hard-earned cash-money. You should never simply hand over large sums of cash or transfer money without making sure you’ll get the car, as it is the easiest thing in the world for a seller to simply drive way with both the car and the money. So don’t be impatient, do it right and soon enough, you’ll be the proud owner of a new car.

Be Careful Folks

Now if my harsh and openly frank words have scared you a little. Good. That was my intention. There’s just far too much money involved with buying a new car for it not to be done properly. I promise you, although the tips seem to be a bit excessive, they work and will prevent you having to walk anywhere because buying your dream car turned into a Freddy Kruegeresque nightmare. So, when you’re looking for Cars for Sale, please heed my warnings, I promise, you won’t regret it.

Byron Martin

When asked to sum me up some of the words that normally pops into conversation is spontaneous, innovative, helpful, passionate, humorous and with a broad view of interests. I am an extrovert both online and offline and I regularly engage in thrill seeking activities and adventures both in the digital and real world.

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