Happy Freedom Day from Junk Mail!

In 1994, South Africans of all races, religions and gender had the right to vote in the first democratic elections after 300 years of colonialism, segregation and minority rule.Freedom Day

Monday, 27 April 2014 marks the 20-year celebration of this huge occasion! The South African Government invites all South Africans to join in the celebrations by reflecting on the strides made in achieving a better future for all.

President Zuma will address South Africans from the Union Buildings Grounds in Pretoria on Sunday, 27 April.

Freedom means many different things to different people. We would love to hear what it means to you!

In the meantime, here are our National Symbols:

National Animal: Springbok

National Fish: Galjoen

National Flower: Giant / King Protea

National Bird: Blue Crane

National Tree:  Real Yellowwood

The South African Flag was also introduced on 27 April 1994 and was designed by former South African State Herald, Mr Fred Brownell. The design and history are a synopsis of principal elements of the country’s flag history.

From Junk Mail, a Proudly South African Company, we would like to wish you a very happy Freedom Day on Sunday 27 April!

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