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When it comes to camping, South Africa has a huge range of awesome camping spots and the perfect camping equipment for sale that will turn any trip into an awesome adventure you will not soon forget. Today the Junk Mail team not only looks at some of the camping equipment essentials, but we highlight beautiful spots where you can pitch a tent and some awesome camping gadgets.


Ideal camping spots for a night to remember

After you are kitted out and have found all the camping equipment for sale to make your trip as comfortable as possible, it is time to find an awesome destination to test out your camping gear.


Augrabies Falls National Park

Located in the Northern Cape, the Augrabies National Park is truly a beautiful place. The 56 metre high Augrabies Waterfall and 18 kilometer gorge is not the only attraction to this stunning location. With stunning view points, the Swart Rante and the Echo Corner.


Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Campsites here have electricity points, trees and grass. While here, be on the lookout for Klipspringers, Rock Hyrax, Verreaux’s Eagle, Broadley’s Flat Lizzard and the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra.

Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve

Nestled in the Pine Forest of Ceres, Western Cape, Matroosberg is another fabulous location where you can put your camping equipment to the test. The Dennebos Camp Site is situated on the banks of Spek River and beautifully hidden in a Pine Forest.


Image Credit: Matroosberg Facebook Page.

Only R50 per person per night (and R30 for kids between 3 and 13), this is a great spot if you want to break away from the city. Activities here range from quad and mountain biking to game drives, ice climbing, cherry picking, paintballing and abseiling, to name but a few.

Yellowwood Forest Campsite

If you want to break away to the Wild Coast, Yellowwood Forest Campsite is a stunning option. Beautifully placed on the banks of the Inchara River and only a kilometre away from the beach, this campsite is great if you want a little bit of the bush and the beach.

Richtersveld National Park

On the Namibian border, Richtersveld National Park in the Northern Cape is definitely worth a visit. With the Orange River, a beautiful ‘mountain desert’ and adventurous activities like an overnight walking trail and river rafting, who wouldn’t want to pitch a tent here?


Image Credit: Love Camping.

There are a number of campsites that will put your camping gear to the ultimate tests. Some of the campsites in the Richtersveld National Park include Potjiespram Rest Camp, Richtersberg Camp Site and Ganakouriep and Tatasberg Wilderness Camps.

Magalies Sleepy River

Only a half an hour away from Krugersdorp, this campsite has grass and enough shade to create a cool camping experience. With a relaxing vibe giving you enough opportunity to take a dip in the pool or river, adventure isn’t far away.


Image Credit: Magalies Sleepy River.

Great activities here include hiking, biking and even horse riding.

Cape Columbine Nature Reserve – Tietiesbaai

Explore the West Coast and find suitable camping equipment for sale because you will be pitching that tent on an incredibly beautiful rocky coastline. Recommended for more experienced campers, this is the perfect place to test out your camping gear.


Image Credit: Travel Ground.

From visiting the town of Paternoster to fishing and hiking, you are sure to find a fun-filled activity to take your mind off the city.

River Goose Campsite

Located in the Western Cape, River Goose is a great site if you are looking for a no-hassle breakaway. On the banks of the Breede River, you can enjoy everything from swimming and fishing, to canoeing and birdwatching.


Image Credit: Slow Drive.

Also nearby is the Marloth Nature Reserve and Bonnieville.

Scottburgh Campsite and Caravan Park

South of Durban this campsite is great if you are looking for a beach break-away with the family. A three star resort, fun and interesting activities you can get lost in include super tubes, deep sea fishing, golf, horse riding, surf school, tennis and of course the beach.

Pitch you tent on the grass under a tree and enjoy.

Driehoek Farm

A great place to test out that camping gadgets, gear and equipment, Driehoek Farm is located at the foot of Tafelberg. With plenty of trees and grass, this camping spot is perfect if you are looking for a farm-vibe.

Activities to keep you busy include hiking (with landmarks ranging to include Sneuberg, Welbedacht, Tafelberg and the Wolfberg Arch), swimming, fishing and even cycling.

Nature’s Valley Rest Camp

Beautifully nestled in the Tsitsikamma section of the Garden Route National Park, Nature’s Valley is a stunning mixture of forest and ocean. With a number of hiking trails to choose from and an abundance of birdlife, you can canoe to the Groot River mouth for a relaxing day on the beach.


Image Credit: Cape Hike.

Remember to add your favourite camping spots in the comment section below!

Camping equipment essentials

Before going out and finding camping equipment for sale, we recommend that you make a list of everything you will need to make your camping adventure one to remember for the right reasons.


Here is a list, apart from your tent and clothes, of some of the camping gear that makes camping so much more convenient.

Ground Cover

Every seasoned camper knows that going without a ground cover is like going camping without your tent. Not only do ground covers help to keep dirt off your tent, it also helps to protect your tent’s underside.

Ground covers are even required by some camping sites as it helps to protect the grass.

Pack the tools

Always remember to pack your hammer and multi-tool. You will need the hammer for the tent pegs and the multi-tools for just about everything else.



No one wants to fall over tent pegs or get lost in the dark ‘kitchen’ area, so packing lights is always a must. Invest in high quality torches and also take a look at the amazing range of LED lighting options. From lanterns to LED strip lights, you are sure to find an awesome solution that works for you.

Gas braai

The skottel braai is on this list because it is important for two things – breakfast and coffee. And, while on the subject of gas braais, don’t forget to fill up your cylinder and pack the cooker, Paella Pan and the kettle.


Sleeping in Comfort

After a long day of adventure a good night’s sleep is well deserved, so don’t forget to pack the most comfortable stretcher you can find – though this might not be the easiest task ever – along with your pillows and sleeping bag.

Have a seat

Camping isn’t camping if you are not chilling under a tree on a camping chair. There are many different brands and designs out there, each with its own set of advantages. It’s up to you to find one that works for you, but keep in mind that your camping chair should be sturdy and durable.


Tent Repair Kit

We can assure you that there is nothing worse than ending up with a hole or leak in your tent, so make sure that a repair kit is always part of your camping equipment.

Do the dishes

Apart from remembering to pack your cutlery – everything from knives and forks to spatulas and spoons – also remember to take your dishwashing liquid, a dishcloth, sponge and scrubber as well. Add in a small, plastic dishwashing bucket and you are set to go.

A place in the shade

Probably one of the most important things a camper can own is a gazebo. Doubling as shade on a hot summer’s day, a gazebo is also great for creating a ‘kitchen’ area. Throw in a collapsible table and you are off to an awesome start.


Creams, lotions and ointments

This being South Africa and all, we all know that mozzies are everywhere, so always remember to pack your Peaceful Sleep or Tabard. Also make sure to pack sunscreen lotion, After Sun and a properly stocked first aid kit.

Have we missed anything that you simply cannot go camping without? We would love to know about it! Add your camping equipment essentials in the comment section below.


Cool camping gadgets and accessories

Though it is popularly known amongst campers that most camping gadgets are just pretty and not really useful, we wanted to make a list of some of the cool gadgets we think can become a part of your camping equipment necessities.


  • Solar Lantern: A great lighting solution to have a round when the power goes out, when you are in a spit with no electricity or if you run out of batteries.
  • GoPro: If you are into hiking, off-roading or even cycling, remember top pack the GoPro for unforgettable videos and photos.
  • Powerbank: A great gadget to own, Powerbanks are useful just about everywhere – from long trips in the car to a family breakaway in the bush.


  • Headlamp: This is a great accessories to invest in. Perfect for everything from nigh walks to braaing.
  • Spare Tire Mount Braai: This is quite a cool gadget from Front Runner. Made of stainless steel, this cooking grate is specially designed to fit over your spare wheel. Nifty, isn’t it?


  • Sappi Bird Guide and Callfinder: If you are into birdwatching, this is the ultimate in camping gadgets. Available from Exclusive Books, this book works in combination with a Callfinder (which is battery operated). The book itself contains images and information on birds and, when the reader points the Callfinder at a picture in the book, the specie’s birdsong is played. Pretty awesome right?
  • Nifty Pot: No camping trip is complete without some pap and sous, but packing a large pot can be such a pain. Luckily for all the pap and sous lovers out there, Collapsible has a stunning pot that collapses for easy storage. It has a stainless steel base, a food grade silicone body and can withstand temperatures of between -4˚C to 230˚C.


Camping equipment for sale on Junk Mail

Junk Mail has a wide range of camping gear and equipment for sale. Check out these awesome deals, perfect for upping your game and creating a camping experience you won’t soon forget:

Howling Moon Sierra Tent

Priced at R 8 500, this Howling Moon tent was only pitched once and is for sale in KwaZula-Natal.


2010 Conqueror Supra 2

Priced at R 80 000 this 2010 model from Conqueror includes two gas bottles and two jerry cans. Other features of this model include an L-shaped awning, a cover tent (with two side panels) as well as an add-on room and ground cover.


Camp Master Family Tent

This five man family tent is priced at R 1 250 and weighs in at only 14 kilograms.



These two stretchers from Howling Moon are priced at R 450 and have never been used.


LED Solar Rechargeable Light

Priced at only R 100, this light is not only great for camping, but load shedding as well.


Excited to plan your next camping trip? Find the perfect camping equipment for sale on Junk Mail! From camping gear to cool camping gadgets, you will find a ton of awesome deals on Junk Mail! Selling your camping equipment? Place your free ad on Junk Mail now!

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