Headboards: Create a custom look for your bedroom

If you are thinking about ways to spice up your bedroom’s design then you might want to think about looking out for some decorative headboards for sale. A bed does not necessarily need to have a headboard, but choosing the right headboard designs can bring an entire room together and have some great practical benefits too. If beds were pictures, headboards would be the frame. It makes the bed a centerpiece of any well designed room.


Your headboard should be an extension of you as you will be seeing it quite a bit. You can either make it fancy or keep it simple…the point is to dress up the room in such a way that makes you feel comfortable and express your creativity at the same time.


So why use a headboard?

There are two reasons why one would use a headboard, for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Aesthetically a headboard sets the tone for the room. Whether it’s formal, simple or something a bit different, it can pull together a room’s design. If you use a headboard then it needs to fit with the design and feeling of the room as it will draw people’s attention. If it clashes, then your headboard designs might not work so well.


As far as functionality goes, a headboard is actually a lot more useful than most people think. Firstly you get something to rest your back on when you are sitting up in bed. This is great for people who like to read or watch TV in bed. When they are attached to the bed then you have a very secure platform for resting on that won’t shift around and you don’t get that annoying gap behind you from the bed moving around.


Then there are the less obvious practical advantages to well-designed headboards. You could find a headboard with shelves installed so you have more storage space or find one with little drawers that can hold your reading glasses or cup holders that you can rest your mug in. You could install lighting so you can read at night or find a headboard with hooks that hold up your dressing gown or slippers. The possibilities are endless and it’s all about how creative you want to be.


What kinds of headboards are there?

As a headboard is a very personal thing, there are many variations on design, colour, look and construction. All of these factors are important when looking for the perfect headboards for sale.

Detached or attached headboard?

Attached means that the headboard is part of the bed and vice versa. An attached headboard is less hassle as you don’t have to source a separate piece of furniture, but it also means that you can change the way it looks. You will have a smaller selection in beds as many don’t come with an attached headboard.


Your detached headboards come in two different variations. Floor standing and then wall mounted. Wall mounted are a hassle to move but they take up less space than the floor standing variety.



Most people have seen wooden headboards with decorative carvings and upholstery. These are by far the most common, but they are not the only material used. You get ornate metal headboards with intricate designs, wicker, bamboo and even fully upholstered headboards that have no frame. You can make a head board out of anything really.


DIY headboard ideas

If you feel like making your own DIY headboards then you are in luck as it’s actually not that difficult. Here are some great ways to make your own headboards.

Have an old door lying around?

Get an old door, if you don’t have one then scrap yards are a great place to look. Sand the door down so you get rid of any sharp edges and give the door a few coats of paint. Then just simply hang it above your bed with a few wall fasteners and now you have a very arty headboard.

A good sign

Do you have an old sign in the garage or maybe you found one at an antique store? Simply clean up the sign and give it a clear coat to keep it looking new. Hang up and enjoy. You can also use the sign for a new colour scheme and remodel the bedroom around it.


The screening process

Use a rustic dressing screen to make an ornate headboard. The great thing here is these screen are already compartmentalized so you can make it exactly the right size to fit your bed.


Does this suite your pallet?

Use some wooden shipping pallets to create durable and fun headboard designs. They are very cheap and easy to find as they are normally given out for free if you order furniture or large appliances.

Faux Tiled Headboard

This has to be the easiest way to make a headboard. You can buy these fake tiles from most DIY stores which are very inexpensive. All you have to do is positon these tiles on the desired wall and use double-sided tape to secure them. On top of this they are made from foam and are actually quite comfortable.


Headboards for sale on Junk Mail

If you don’t feel like making your own DIY headboard then here are some good deals on Junk Mail:

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If we have you interested in sourcing headboards for sale then why not find one that perfectly matches your bedroom, on Junk Mail and completely change the way your room looks? Headboards can really make a big design difference. Selling your old headboard and replacing it with fun and functional headboard designs? Place your Free Advert on JunkMail today!

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