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Push the limits with the latest iMac 5K Display. Launched earlier in 2015 the latest Apple iMac takes performance and design to the next level. If you are looking for computers for sale, there are plenty of reasons to consider buying one of these Apple Computers. Over the last few weeks it has been announced that Apple will be releasing a 4K model as well. However 4K will only available on the top of the range 21.5 inch machines which come with the highest iMac prices. You can place a free ad or find a PC for sale on Junk Mail.


The iMac Display

The big and beautiful display will transport you into a whole new world. The attention-to-detail is apparent in its excellently crafted design. Apple computers offer their users an immersive experience and the latest release is no exception. The original iMac for sale on the South African market revolutionised the computer industry. It offered its users everything that they needed in a compact and stylish enclosure. The current Apple iMac showcases innovative designs which contribute to its superior performance. Despite its wide range of features, the iMac still only has an edge of 5mm. The front and back are joined with friction-stir welding. The stunning widescreen display places you right by the action so you don’t miss out for even a moment. The screen has anti-reflective coating and the LCD is 5 mm thinner. The screen offers colours which match the world around you. The iMac is responsibly designed and it is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses 0.9 kW of energy when it is switched to sleep mode. Toxins such as mercury and arsenic are not present in the latest computers. It has a 6.1 qualification from the EPA and it is rated Gold by EPEAT.



The Tech in the iMac

While the iMac has an appealing exterior, it gets even better when you start operating your computer. It’s easy-to-use design and practical features make these computers from Apple popular. IPS technology offers you a great view from every angle. LED backlighting illuminates the screen without any delays. Fast and efficient, Apple computers have an Intel Core i5 processor which offers 3.2 GHz. Experience 3D games like never before with integrated Intel HD Graphics or Intel Iris Pro Graphics. To get the best experience yet opt for the NVIDIA discrete graphics. The storage options offer more speed and space and it features a Fusion Drive of up to 3TB. This intelligent system offers you faster speeds and reduced boot times. Like the modern computers for sale, these models from Apple computers have useful ports and connections as well as a high-speed I/O. The Thunderbolt port offers fast and dynamic connectivity. It also has four USB 3 ports and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. The iMac supports super-fast 802. 11ac Wi-Fi. Not only does it have an exceptionally clear display it also boasts an exceptional audio experience. The built-in speakers offer an incredible experience whether you are watching a film or playing games. The built-in microphones and 720p FaceTime HD cameras are other handy features of the iMac. Built-in apps contribute to better productivity while supporting your creative processes. iCloud allows you to access content from your other Apple devices. You can take a look at photos or calendars from your computer or iPhone.


A 4K Screen for the iMac?

Talks over the last few weeks have revealed that Apple is releasing a 21.5-inch 4K screen. This computer will offer a faster processor and RAM. The improved graphics and 4K display offer users an awesome visual experience. Another advantage to this upcoming release is that is also offers updated specs. Intel’s Broadwell processors contribute to the excellent performance of these machines. While the interior offers significant upgrades, the exterior is similar to previous models. The iMac maintains its stylish appearance while changes have been made to the design of the standalone keyboard and trackpad.


Find Computers for sale on Junk Mail

You can find great deals on computers for sale on Junk Mail. Buying second hand is a great idea if you are on a budget. You can enjoy all the advantages of owning an iMac without spending a fortune. If you are specifically looking for an iMac for sale, here are some great deals to help you get started.

Imac 27 inch

An Imac 27 inch is for sale in Pretoria. This computer is priced at R 10 000. This 2011 model has an intel core i7 2.8 ghz and 4gb ram.

imac-27-inch for-sale-Pretoria

Apple iMac 27inch

You can find a 27inch iMac for sale on Junk Mail. It is priced at R 15 000. With Retina 5k, this 2015 model boasts an excellent performance.


Apple iMac Central

An Apple iMac is for sale at the price of R 8 500. This computer is in excellent condition.


Ready to start finding awesome computers for sale on Junk Mail? With stunning iMac options listed online, you are sure the find the perfect PC for sale. Selling your computer? Why not make use of Junk Mail’s free service and place your ad on now!


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