Home Decor Ideas – Amazing lighting ideas with Fairy Lights

If you are on the lookout for fun and fabulous lighting ideas, this post is for you! Today we take a closer look at all the fun and creative ways you can use fairy lights to inspire stunning home decor ideas. After this, you will most definitely want fairy lights for sale, and Junk Mail is ready with tons of goodies.


Fairy Lights for Inside

DIY lighting is always fun and, when it comes to fairy and twinkle lights, you can create stunning features and add beautiful touches to brighten a dull room.

The Family or Living Room

Using a blank canvas, you can create soft lighting that is not only functional, but beautiful as well. Wall art at its best, this is a grand yet simplistic idea for a clean look.


Looking for a more bohemian touch to your living room? Use these twinkle lights to draw attention to artwork. Even use them to accentuate a fireplace, breathing new life into the family room ad creating a warm and homey feel.


Add a touch of spunk to your home by using lights to spell out different words. Not only will this create a warm look and feel in your space, but also help you add a beautiful touch to your walls without having to invest in expensive artworks.


Brighten up that old bookcase by using these types of fairy and twinkle lights as a backdrop. Creating lighting for your shelving, this technique adds a touch of sophistication and to your space.


Just because it’s not winter anymore, doesn’t mean your fireplace should go to waste. Wrap some of these lights around a pile logs, place it in your fireplace and, voila – a simple yet beautiful lighting idea that will make your home feel cosy.


Quick Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom

Creating soft lighting in the bedroom is always a good idea. A cosy bedroom where you can kick back and relax is essential. When it comes to home decor ideas, fairy lights make a great addition to your bedroom décor.

Use these lights around a four post bed to breathe new life into an old design. Ideal for creating a soothing space, these lights also work beautifully in a child’s room.



If you are looking for a simple DIY project, why not start in the bedroom. Using tulle and lights, you can easily create a beautiful canopy that softly glows when it gets dark outside. Great for a child’s bedroom, it also works beautifully when creating a romantic look.




Teens will also fall in love with these lights. Create a spunky space by using fairy and twinkle lights for a fun look. String them across the roof, around the windows or use them as a space where your teen can hang their pictures.


Around the Home

You can use these lights just about anywhere in the home. Frame a window to add a touch of fairy tale fun to a hallway.



Another great reason to find fairy lights for sale is that it can help you transform a seemingly simple object into something beautiful. A simple piece of furniture (or in this case even a ladder) can become a visual focus point, breathing life into what was once a dull and boring room.


Transform an old room divider to create not only soft lighting, but a visual focal point as well.


This is a great DIY lighting idea. If you would like to learn more about creating this stunning feature, read our ‘DIY Home Décor: Easy projects for your home’ post.

Outdoor Lighting using Fairy Lights

Fairy and string lights are great options when you are looking for creative outdoor lighting tips and tricks. We absolutely love these lights and, by looking at the recent trends, so do you.

Weddings are one of the most common places you will find fairy and twinkle lights, and it is easy to see why. Able to transform an entire hall into a wonderland, brides opt for these lighting choices not only because they are soft and romantic, but because it creates a stunning look.



You can even add it to your own patio, creating a beautifully romantic look that you and friends can enjoy all year long.


Other Lighting Ideas

Don’t forget to get creative. These lights allow you to create beautiful in and outdoor lighting using simple, everyday items.

Using a mason jar, opt for battery operated lights. Simply place the lights inside the jar, stick the battery pack to the inside lid, and voila – a beautiful light you can move around the home.


You can even put those empty wine bottles to good use by placing your lights inside and essentially creating a lamp. Make use of different colours if possible, to create an interestingly diverse look. Note that this idea might require some drilling skills.


Create a focus point in your garden by wrapping lights around a tree. When entertaining, or enjoying a quiet night in the garden, switch them on and enjoy.


Have fun by creating DIY lighting with the kids. Using fairy lights and cupcake wrappers, cut out different shapes (like flowers for example) and have fun with the kids while they transform old lights into beautiful decorations for their bedrooms.


Fairy Lights for sale on Junk Mail

Ready to kick your home decor ideas into high gear? Start by finding fairy and twinkle lights for sale on Junk Mail:

LED Lights

Measuring 15 metres in length and available in a range of colours, you are sure to find the perfect in and outdoor lighting from the SA Energy Group on Junk Mail.


Fairy Curtain Lights

Great for events, these fairy curtain lights will also make a beautiful addition to your garden and even your Christmas decorations. Priced from R 360, sizes available includes 4 metres y 1.5 metres, 3 metres by 2.5 metres and 2 metres by 1.5 metres.


Convinced that you need to find fairy lights? Junk Mail boasts a range of beautiful fairy lights for sale. Visit www.JunkMail.co.za now and find the perfect accessories for your next DIY lighting project. Selling your lights? Place your free ad on Junk Mail today!

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