How to customise and amplify your car sound system

Finding the perfect speakers for sale can turn your car into the perfect place to enjoy your favourite songs. You can turn up the music loud and make the most of your commute to work. Whether you are singing along to Rihanna or blasting your eardrums with Metallica, there are numerous advantages to putting some effort into pimping your sound system. If you have spent a lot of money on your car audio, installation errors can prevent the system from delivering a top quality audio experience. Even minor adjustments can help to improve the quality of your sound. From car speakers to amplifiers, there are plenty of ways to enhance car sound systems. You can sell equipment or find car audio for sale at bargain prices on Junk Mail. When it comes to car sound for sale, there is an extensive range of popular brands available.


In many cases the audio system is not a priority for automotive manufacturers. Even if you have purchased a quality car you may still need to upgrade your sound system. Replacing the speakers can offer you a clearer sound as well as a tighter bass. You can find a variety of quality speakers for sale in South Africa. Another way to get the best out of your sound is to decrease the compression of your audio files. Compressing your files increases storage capacity but it has an impact on the sound quality of each song. This detracts from your listening experience especially when you have a high-end sound system.


Adding an amplifier will increase the clean power of your sound system which will have a high impact on the output of quality sound. An amplifier is a pertinent part of setting up a top notch sound system. A car’s interior presents many challenges to getting good sound quality. The variety of surface types, such as glass and material, has a negative impact on sound quality. If your speakers are set up in the wrong spot, it can make the problem worse. Installing an equaliser into your car is a great way to combat problem areas. If you install an outbound equaliser, you will have a variety of points to change the frequency response. Parametric equalizers and sound processors are other options.


Already found those perfect speakers for sale and want to install the speakers and subwoofers yourself? You will need to know how to wire the amplifier and speakers as well as how to mount them. Learning how to hide the equipment and wires can make your audio system more aesthetically appealing. Once you are confident in your DIY abilities you can also create custom enclosures. Firstly you will need to detach the negative wire from the battery. Next decide on the best place to install the amplifiers. Some good advice is that if you are installing powerful subwoofers you might need a capacitor. This will help to prevent the headlights from being dimmed. You could install the amplifier at the rear end of the subwoofer box. Another great spot is underneath the passenger seat. Smaller amps may fit behind the dashboard. If the amplifier is in a small space it is crucial to install a fan which will help to ventilate the equipment. A computer fan is suitable for this application. Once you have decided on the right spot, install the amplifier and connect up the wires. Don’t forget to test it out to make sure that the audio system is working.

If you decide to build your own sub box make sure that it doesn’t have any air leaks. Another option is to buy a sub box. In this case you will need to match your sub to a suitable box. Whether you are buying or building a box make sure that the interior volume is correct.

It is important to keep your car audio systems well maintained by cleaning them. By making sure that your system is well-cared for you will reduce repair costs in the future. Service and repair work can be carried out by an experienced professional to increase the longevity of your system.


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Car Sound

Car sound is for sale at the cost of R3500 in Roodepoort. This includes two 3500 xtc subs as well as a dual 12” sub box. You will also get a 6500watts mono block xtc F6 amp.


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Car Radio

A Sony car radio is available for R850 in Springs. Sony has a reputation for manufacturing trustworthy equipment. This model has CD, MP3 and USB connectivity. It offers 55W X 4 maximum power sound as well as colour synchronisation. A convenient feature of this car radio is its remote.


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Car Amp

Priced at R 550, a car amp and crossover are for sale on Junk Mail. This deal includes a Jensen 700W car amp as well as a pre amp and linertec cross over.


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With so many ways to pimp up your sound, you will be enjoying your favourite songs in no time. Whether you are running errands or commuting to work, having a great audio system can contribute to a pleasurable driving experience.

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