Improved Job Mail Integration

Recently integration with the Job Mail website has been improved on the Junk Mail website. January is the busiest time of year in the job market because many people are looking for jobs and all recruiters are back from the December holidays, wanting to fill vacancies. For this reason we have improved integration with the Job Mail website on the Junk Mail website.

This is good news for Job Seekers:

  • Job Seekers are now able to Browse For Jobs directly on the Junk Mail website as before, but will now find that it is quicker and easier to find that special job they were looking for.
  • Job Seekers can use either the search function on the Junk Mail website or simply browse the job ads.
  • Clicking on any one of the thousands of job ads will redirect Job Seekers to the ad on the Job Mail website except if the ad is under the Job Seekers category which will take them to the ad on the Junk Mail website.
This is also good news for Recruiters:
  • Recruiters are now able to Place online Vacancy Ads via the Junk Mail website by simply clicking on the “Place a Free Ad” button. After clicking the Place a Free Ad button: Simply select “Jobs” for the Section and select the Category for the Vacancy ad. Clicking the “Next” button will redirect you to Job Mail in order to continue placing the ad.
  • All Vacancy ads placed will go live on both the Job Mail and Junk Mail websites, doubling exposure for advertisers.
We are sure that these changes will improve the experience that both Job Seekers and Recruiters enjoy on the Junk Mail website. Feedback on these changes is appreciated.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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