iOS 8: The world’s most advanced mobile operating system?


So Apple very recently introduced us to their newest mobile operating system, iOS 8.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, launched on 9 September, will be the first devices shipped loaded with iOS 8.

So what’s new with Apple’s mobile operating system? Is it really the “most advanced mobile operating system”, as they claim? You decide for yourself…

Here are the features that iOS 8 will offer you on your Apple device:

  1. Photos – All photos are now on all your devices
  2. Messages – The app now lets you connect to friends and family like never before
  3. Design – Respond better to notifications, helpful shortcuts, and time-saving features to managing your mail
  4. Keyboard – The smartest one to date. It completes your sentences for you, recognises who you are typing to and whether you’re in Mail or Messages.
  5. Family sharing – Now you can share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases with up to six members of your family.
  6. iCloud – Work on any file, anywhere. Presentations, PDFs, images and more from any device, Mac or PC.
  7. Health – Activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps now talking to each other.
  8. Connected devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac connected like never before. Start a project on one, and finish it on another.
  9. Spotlight – Brighter and smarter than ever before.

For developers, iOS 8 is the biggest release since the App Store. It offers new opportunities for exciting app development with fantastic capabilities.

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