Junk Mail Classifieds Embraces Google+

So there is a new social “kid” on the block, well technically not so new. Yes I am talking about Google+. Last year I started getting notifications and emails that I should join this phenomenon. Some say it’s like Facebook and Twitter combined. Being a social media junkie, I went for the bait and created my Google+ profile. But this post is not about my profile, but rather about Junk Mail Classifieds’ Google+ profile. Yes it might be a little late but at least we are here and we are going in with a bang!

I will be discussing what exactly Google+ is and how it works and also what you can expect on the Junk Mail page as well as on all the other Google+ pages we have for Junk Mail.

Janet Fouts explained it quite good in her post about Google+ tips. Google+ is like Facebook is not like Facebook. It incorporates all your information from your Gmail account. So if you already have a Gmail account you should just go and create your Google+ profile. Instead of a confusing split screen timeline like Facebook currently have, Google+ has one long newsfeed. One of the biggest perks of this platform for me is that you can arrange your contacts into different circles. This is quite handy especially if you would like to share certain content with certain groups/circles. For instance you can arrange all the brand pages that you are following into a separate circle. You can keep all your work colleagues in another circle. When making an update, you simply select to what group you want to share your status/content.

Google+ is pretty much like Twitter is not exactly like Twitter. You have threaded messaging and you can have video chats (almost like Skype). You can also have a group video call, or rather a Hangout where multiple users can video call together. This is great if you have partners that are out of town and want to make a business call etc.

So that being said and a quick overview of what Google+ is, let’s continue and let me inform you of what you can expect on the Junk Mail Google+ page.

We will be catering for the more text and tech savvy crowd. Meaning, we will focus on promoting our blog posts on a more regular basis and also to get discussions regarding those posts going on the page.

We will also be focussing on schooling you about certain products that we have to offer and products that will be beneficial towards your business.

And if you think this is going to be another boring “business” page; prepared to be entertained on a whole new level! Keep your eyes and ears pealed for what we will be sharing with you.

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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