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Cell Phone in HandNews24 has recently posted a news article about the Junk Mail Xchange (JMx) platform on MXit. Millions of new buyers and sellers are entering the Junk Mail Classifieds realm through the JMx platform.

The Mxit platform enables users to interact at the high level in terms of classified advertising and if users insert contact details on the JMx platform, their ads also appear on the Junk Mail website and mobile sites.

This is great news for sellers using Junk Mail. This means that Junk Mail now gives them the biggest exposure. It’s also great news for buyers. They have more items or goods to choose from. More than 30,000 ads are being placed using this service weekly.

News24 wanted to know which classifieds service generated the most responses for a Honda car advert. Their team placed adverts using various classifieds services (like OLX, Gumtree and others). More great news is that the Junk Mail advert got more response than any of its competitors.

So, now you know that you’ll get the biggest exposure if you place your free advert on Junk Mail! If you have Mxit, use the JMx platform to buy and sell! It’s very easy to use!

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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