Multichoice DSTV packages: Premium vs. Extra

If you are trying to decide between the DSTV Premium and Extra packages, it is a good idea to take a look at what both options have to offer. Multichoice DSTV packages range from the inexpensive EasyView to the comprehensive Premium package. If you are still setting up your entertainment system, you can find a DSTV dish for sale on Junk Mail. Here are some differences between the Premium and Extra packages to help you make up your mind.


When it comes to comparing these two packages, one of the main differences is the price. While the Extra Package is priced at R425, the Premium package will cost you R699. Consider if the higher priced package fits in with your monthly budget or whether the additional channels are worth the extra cost. If you are an avid movie watcher or sports fanatic, it may be worth to pay more in order to have access to a wider range of channels.

DSTVExtra DSTV_Premium

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Another important difference between the Premium and Extra packages are the channels which subscribers have access to. Of all the Multichoice DSTV packages, only Premium users have access to M-Net. This channel showcases gripping movies, popular series and reality shows.

M-Net Movies Premier features the best movies in Hollywood while Vuzu Amp focuses on both local and international entertainment. Discovery Channel, Lifetime, AfricaMagic and ITV Choice are other benefits of choosing a Premium package.


Both packages will give you access to M-Net City, which features drama and comedy shows. The Universal Channel is another channel that you can watch on both packages. Its line-up includes popular films and series. The BBC Channel offers you a wide range of entertainment options on both packages. Other channels that you can enjoy on these packages include Comedy Central, FOX and Sony.


With the wide range of quality channels offered by Multichoice DSTV packages, choosing the right one comes down to your budget and personal preferences. Now that you know what DSTV can offer, it is time to find a DSTV dish for sale in your area.


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